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The Worst Gold Rush: White Water Episode According To IMDb

"Gold Rush" remains one of the premier shows on Discovery. Week after week, viewers tune in to see what riches lie under the earth. Various teams try their hands at digging up gold, and with only so much space on the planet to excavate, it's only natural some spinoffs would develop due to the popularity of the original series. 

One of the most popular series to come out of the mainstay show is "Gold Rush: White Water." Whereas a lot of spinoffs have only lasted a single season, "White Water" is going strong after five seasons. The show follows Fred Hurt and his son, Dustin, as they attempt to attain a fortune by suction dredge diving into furious waters. 

"White Water" has followed in the footsteps of "Gold Rush" to be a popular series you can watch on Discovery and Discovery+. But what episode would you be better off skipping during your next binge-watch?

Hypothermia is the lowest-rated White Water episode on IMDb

Seeing as the show has lasted several seasons, it should be no surprise that "White Water" has relatively high marks across the board on IMDb. However, as tends to be the case with any show, not every episode can be a winner, and the lowest-rated episode you'll find on IMDb is Season 1's "Hypothermia." It's amassed a rating of 6.1/10 with 16 rankings to its name.

It's a fairly heart-wrenching episode as Fred Hurt's heating system fails while he's in the middle of a dive, and he nearly succumbs to hypothermia. It seems like Dustin's reaction to his father's predicament is what caused a lot of people to rate this installment so poorly. One IMDb user noted, "Dustin's dad's communication ceases while diving, while Dustin makes jokes about it. Another crew member demands he be pulled up, which turns out to be just in time as he was paralyzed on the verge of hypothermia, but Dustin shows no sympathy but gets nasty because now he has to dive while his dad recovers."

Sympathy goes a long way, and fortunately, Fred ended up being all right from the ordeal. Season 1 may have hit a sour note for some, but judging from reviews across its other seasons, fans came around to the concept behind the show over time.