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Alice Isn't Dead Podcast To Be Adapted For TV

It's one thing to listen to a great story. Now, you'll get a chance to watch. 

The popular surrealistic horror-humor podcast Alice Isn't Dead, the story of a long-haul truck driver searching for his wife between encounters with the paranormal, is being adapted for a TV series on the USA Network, Entertainment Weekly reports. 

The podcast, a production of Night Vale Presents, will be executive produced by Alice Isn't Dead creator Joseph Fink, who also co-created one of the original mega-successful fiction podcasts in the ongoing Welcome to Night Vale. As they did with that first series, Harper Perennial will also publish a book adaptation of Alice Isn't Dead, also to be written by Fink.

Alice Isn't Dead is written by Fink and performed by Jasika Nicole, with music and production by the artist Disparition. It's an ongoing, serialized story, of which part two began to air in April. Episodes for the series are available on iTunes and Night Vale Presents

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