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Josh Hartnett Fights To Survive In 6 Below Trailer

Josh Hartnett has to fight to survive in the trailer for 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain. The upcoming thriller stars Hartnett as former professional hockey player Eric LaMarque, who comes to terms with his past and struggles with his own personal demons after being stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

"I was a good kid, strong kid," Eric begins in the trailer. However, as it quickly shows, Eric's life was not perfect, as his father put a lot of pressure on him. This clearly carried over into his adult life as well, with the pressure causing him to crack and hurl a hockey puck into a mirror. He then gets even more destructive, driving off the road and ending up in jail.

"I lost my way," he says, as his mother (Mira Sorvino) shows up to bail him out of jail. "I'm not going to help you anymore until you want to help yourself," she tells him. He takes this as a message to get away for a few days, and decides to go snowboarding, with the mountain air hopefully helping him clear his head.

While the trip seems to go well at first, it quickly goes off the rails as a storm hits. "This is the craziest winter I've seen in years," an announcer says over the radio. Alone on the mountain, Eric picks a path and tries to find his way out, but ends up lost with no cell phone service. 

Things go wrong quickly for Eric on the mountain, as he falls through a patch of ice and winds up having to take off his wet clothes in an effort to stay warm. Unable to start a fire, he also has to face off with the mountain's dangerous wildlife and with the fact that rescue helicopters can't seem to find him. "I don't think I have much time," Eric says towards the end of the trailer. "I only get to live life forward. It never makes any sense until we're looking back."

6 Below is based on LeMarque's true story. The movie, directed by Scott Waugh (Need for Speed) based on a script from Madison Turner, hits theaters and VOD on Oct. 13. For now, see some of the best movies of this year so far.