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HBO Max's Charlotte's Web - What We Know So Far

In 2006, Paramount and Nickelodeon co-released a live-action adaptation of the children's novel "Charlotte's Web." Author E.B. White's book on which the film is based was first published in 1952 (via Goodreads), so the fact that its story was deemed fresh enough for a film more than 50 years later speaks to the resonance of White's source material. In fact, that 2006 version of "Charlotte's Web," led by "The Runaways" star Dakota Fanning, arguably ranks among the 98 best family movies ever made. Thanks to its relatively modern approach to a timeless story, it may well be the best version of "Charlotte's Web" to introduce to kids today too.

Now, a little more than 15 years after the live-action movie's premiere, that may soon change, as streaming service HBO Max is gearing up to release a brand new version of "Charlotte's Web." While the project is currently in its infancy, here's what we know so far about the latest in an ongoing series of "Charlotte's Web" adaptations.

When will HBO Max's Charlotte's Web be released?

News that HBO Max is working on a new version of "Charlotte's Web" first dropped on the morning of March 22, and was circulated by entertainment news outlets like Deadline. According to these early reports, the project is scheduled to enter into production some time during April of this year, though it won't premiere until 2024.

While this preliminary info about the series have yet to specify whether it will be entirely animated or feature live-action performances, promotional art for the show attached to the press release suggests that it will be animated. Since animation is a famously lengthy and laborious process, that would explain why production is expected to take around two years in total. When this latest adaptation of "Charlotte's Web" is completed, it will be available both through streaming on HBO Max and a traditional TV subscription on Cartoon Network.

Who will star in HBO Max's Charlotte's Web?

The team behind HBO Max's upcoming "Charlotte's Web" adaptation has yet to announce any of its cast members. Since the series seems to be entirely animated, there's a distinct possibility that its cast will be comprised of experienced voice actors, save for maybe one or two notable live-action performers to draw in viewers.

Currently, writer and director Luke Matheny is the sole name attached to the project. Matheny previously directed and produced "Ghostwriter" for Apple TV+, in addition to working in various capacities on a few other children's TV series. On "Charlotte's Web," he will serve as head writer and executive producer. Also attached to the project is "Sesame Street" company Sesame Workshop, which will produce alongside WarnerMedia Kids & Family. The two companies are likewise working in collaboration on an upcoming giant robot "Sesame Street" series titled "Sesame Street Mecha Builders" and an adaptation of "The Nutcracker," among other projects.

What is the plot of HBO Max's Charlotte's Web?

Until the team behind HBO Max's "Charlotte's Web" states otherwise, it seems relatively safe to assume that this new series will be a straightforward adaptation, retaining many, if not all of the key story beats from E.B. White's source material.

The book opens on a farm, where a girl named Fern decides to save and take care of the runt of a litter of newborn pigs. She names her new pig Wilbur. However, Fern's dad eventually sells him to her uncle, meaning Wilbur must leave Fern's care for a barnyard that initially shuns him. After failing to get along with many of the other animals at his new home, Wilbur befriends the titular Charlotte, a spider. As it turns out, Charlotte can weave messages into her web, and it's their partnership that drives the novel from then on.

Fans of "Charlotte's Web" will have to wait until 2024 nears closer to find out more about how HBO Max plans to put its own spin on this classic story.