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The Viral TikTok Theory That Changes Everything About Frozen 2

When "Frozen" first burst onto the scene in 2013, it took the world by storm. The Disney film is based on the well known fairytale "The Snow Queen" penned by Hans Christian Andersen, though instead of posing the queen as the villain of the story as originally intended, "Frozen" is a tale of empowerment (via Entertainment Weekly). Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) is the eldest daughter and in line to inherit the throne after her parents' deaths. But she also struggles with harnessing her icy powers that she was forbidden to use. With the help of her sister Anna (Kristen Bell), the two rediscover their sisterhood as well as the meaning of true love.

Greenlighting a sequel seemed like a no-brainer and "Frozen 2" came out in 2019 to even more hits to sing along to. As with most Disney films, all's well that ends well and the sisters are able to save Arendelle from another catastrophe. But some fans were not satisfied with that conclusion. In fact, one theory circulating on TikTok spins the ending of the film into a darker meaning.

Fans think Elsa died at the end of Frozen 2

Dark Disney fan theories are not a new phenomenon. With so many films to unpack, it's only natural that multiple viewings show things that audience members may not have noticed before. Greg Bonilla is one such fan on TikTok and posted a video posing a tragic theory. Towards the end of "Frozen 2," Elsa leaves Anna to go find her origins in Ahtohallan. Elsa realizes her paternal grandfather betrayed the people of the Enchanted Forest and she must undo the wrongs that were committed. But while she figures this out, she goes too deep in the river and her heart is frozen.

Though the movie posits that Anna helps free Elsa by reversing the enchantment, this may not have been the case. Fans suggest that Elsa never recovered from her frozen heart. Anna only imagines that Elsa returns and becomes the fifth spirit as a way of coping.

This may seem unlikely as Elsa interacts with other characters besides Anna, but there are many scenes that also support this theory. Anna is so overcome with grief that she sings a song about moving on "The Next Right Thing." This could be the only way that she knows how. It would also explain how easily she is crowned as the Queen of Arendelle when the title is rightfully Elsa's. Anna's love for her sister is so powerful that the only way to heal would be to completely invent a new narrative.