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The Role Drew Barrymore Says Almost Killed Her

Acting is not usually thought of as one of the more dangerous professions out there. That's true in general and it becomes even more true when you're a marquee name like Drew Barrymore, who doesn't have to take on any unnecessary risks in filming a role unless she simply feels creatively driven towards doing so. Nevertheless, the star says that one role in particular nearly cost her her life.

Barrymore says that a rehearsal mishap resulted in a potentially serious injury, although thankfully she made a full recovery with only the story to tell. Still, it's a good reminder that sometimes things can go wrong on the set of a movie or TV show when you least expect it, as well as being an interesting piece of production trivia for fans of the project in question.

Barrymore has had a long career in show business, and plenty of chances for disaster, but this one scene in particular seems to be a standout.

Barrymore suffered a concussion on the set of Santa Clarita Diet

The plot of "Santa Clarita Diet" involves Barrymore's suburban mom character becoming an undead ghoul with a taste for human flesh. But on the set of the series, a 2017 US Weekly story reveals, there was almost a real-life brush with death.

Barrymore says she "almost died" after a stunt involving her character jumping on the back of one of her victims went wrong during rehearsal, and she ended up falling off his shoulders and landing on a hard concrete floor. Series creator Victor Fresco says that the actor playing the victim "was a wide guy and Drew didn't get a great grip," which led to the fall. "Then he held onto her legs as she slipped off, and so she just pivoted down all the way and just hit her head. I thought, 'That's it. We've killed Drew Barrymore,'" he says.

The incident happened in the summer of 2016, and thankfully the worst was avoided. But at the time, Barrymore says "[i]t was f****** terrifying ... very serious. I've never had a feeling like that in my life."

Barrymore was of course rushed to the hospital where she received all the necessary medical attention, including two days of MRIs and CAT scans. After a week off from work, she returned to the set and, believe it or not, actually went back and filmed the scene, this time before the cameras and without a hitch.