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The Ending Of Halo Episode 2 Explained

Warning: Contains spoilers for "Halo" Season 1, Episode 2 ("Unbound")

In "Halo" Season 1, Episode 1 ("Contact"), audiences were introduced to a legendary Spartan super soldier known as Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) and Kwan Ha (Yerin Ha), a 16-year-old orphan who suddenly finds herself the target of a sizable intergalactic bounty. Last we saw them, the newly acquainted traveling companions were forced to fly away from the United Nations Space Command headquarters without a clue of a plan for where to go next.

Episode 2 introduces an important character from Master Chief's past and gives us new insight on the mysterious Covenant relic that appears so uniquely tied to Master Chief. It also teases the introduction of a fan-favorite character whose portrayal could prove somewhat divisive among fans of the "Halo" video game series.

Let's dive into Episode 2 of "Halo" and the biggest takeaways from the second hour of the series. This is the ending of "Halo" Episode 2, explained.

Master Chief has another notable interaction with the Covenant relic

As Master Chief and Kwan Ha seek refuge from the reach of the UNSC, the two visit the Rubble, a civilization built within the confines of a series of hollowed-out asteroids. Here, the duo are welcomed by the society's leader, Soren-066 (Bokeem Woodbine), a former UNSC training buddy of Master Chief's and a man who also happens to offer unique insight into the mysterious Covenant relic. Of course, Soren-066 is another character within the "Halo" TV series who has a long history in the video games (via Halopedia).

After providing Master Chief and Kwan with food and shelter, Soren introduces the two to Reth (Johann Myers), one of a handful of people who has experience living with the Covenant. As one might expect, even in the 25th century, being kidnapped by aliens leaves Reth with a visibly loose grip on the world. However, he is quick to recognize the importance of the object. Because his touch does not activate the device as Master Chief's does, Reth refers to Master Chief as a "blessed one," a term he defines as "human, only more so."

After confirming that Master Chief does not have any plans to destroy the human race, Reth forces the device into Master Chief's hands once more. Just as it did in Episode 1, the device suddenly emits an expanding ring of light and triggers a flurry of childhood memories within the Spartan. Reth later explains that the device is a Covenant weapon, a realization that Master Chief admits he recognized, but never voiced. Perhaps most interestingly, Reth insists that Master Chief must destroy the artifact and himself in order to protect "life as we know it." The entire exchange proves quite revelatory for Master Chief, leading him to quickly return to UNSC headquarters on Reach.

Kwan Ha sees her home turned over to the enemy

Although most of this episode focuses on the bigger picture involving the Covenant relic, we also get a few looks at what is occurring on the planet of Madrigal in the aftermath of the Covenant attack in Episode 1. To Kwan's shock and horror, the resulting power vacuum allows a rebel traitor named Vinsher Grath (Burn Goreman) to take over her home planet. As Soren puts it, Vinsher is "cleaning house" on Madrigal. From the comfort of the Rubble, Kwan watches drone footage of Vishner executing a variety of political dissidents, leaving her in tears. Kwan explains that Vinsher and her father often quarreled over how to respond to the threat posed by the UNSC. 

Although she insists she only wants justice for her father and the rest of her murdered people, it quickly becomes clear that developments on her home planet are going to be a major issue for her. Even after Master Chief departs the Rubble for the UNSC, Kwan is shown watching footage of Vinsher's rise to power with a searing hatred for her father's former enemy. Interestingly, Vinsher's speech references a "historic deal" made with the UNSC in an attempt to return Madrigal to its place as "the gem of the Outer Colonies." According to Halopedia, the Outer Colonies are "human-colonized worlds farthest from the core worlds."

Master Chief and Halsey discuss their future

Although Master Chief expresses a wish to discuss his memories upon his return to Reach, Dr. Catherine Halsey (Natasha McElhone) quickly explains that is "not a constructive place to go." Notably, Halsey and her colleagues have previously indicated fear of Master Chief regaining his childhood memories. Although he subsequently takes their conversation in a slightly different manner, much of their discussion still focuses on the question of the Spartan's own identity. 

As Master Chief explains the feelings he has recently developed, we see the Covenant-loyal "blessed one," Makee (Charlie Murphy), disrobe and reveal an interesting set of scars on her back. Of course, while we don't completely understand the reason for this combination of scenes, it certainly seems obvious that a connection between the two "blessed ones" is being suggested. 

Additionally, after Master Chief explains his motivation for returning to the UNSC so quickly, Halsey thanks him and adds, "I see this as a new beginning. We're going to do great things together." As Halsey says these words, the series again cuts to a different scene in which Halsey is shown awakening a clone of herself. While it seems obvious that Halsey is only acting on previous orders from the UNSC's governing body, it also introduces a slew of additional questions.

Of course, "Halo" video game fans will recognize Cortana as the name of the legendary artificial intelligence who guides Master Chief on his missions. However, the "Halo" TV series is already extremely different in a variety of ways. Will Cortana be an actual physical person for long or will she suddenly become a virtual entity as in the video games? Also, given the fact that the clone was activated prior to Master's Chief interrogation, can we be sure that Master Chief is actually talking to the real Halsey in this final scene?

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