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The Best Season Of Dexter According To Fans

Michael C. Hall has appeared in many premium cable shows, but maybe none so recognizable as Showtime's "Dexter." Starring as everyone's favorite serial killer, "Dexter" follows Miami Metro blood spatter analyst Dexter Morgan who also moonlights as a serial killer who only kills criminals. The series was so popular that it ran for eight seasons as well as a revival in "Dexter: New Blood."

There are many reasons why the show is so long-standing. Dexter constantly battles through the dark and light aspects of his personality. He is unable to quit killing cold turkey — even though he tries — but still finds bits of humanity. Dexter's attempt at finding human connection even when he feels so disconnected makes for compelling television and keeps fans coming back season after season. With many startling kills and dramatic finales on "Dexter," there are some fans that agree one season stands above the rest.

Many fans agree that season 4 had the best finale

"Dexter" has had many formidable villains, but known so terrifying as the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow). Also known as Arthur Mitchell, Trinity represents a life that Dexter could have. When Dexter first encounters the killer, he notices that Trinity seems to have it all. He continues his murderous exploits as well as maintaining a comfortable life and family. It is only when Dexter takes a closer look does the truth reveal itself. Trinity's family feels as though they are held hostage by him. He is an abuser and even more unhinged than Dexter himself.

Taken from a survey on Reddit, many fans agree that it is an amazing moment when Dexter finally dispatches Trinity for good in the Season 4 finale. "[Trinity's] death was definitely one hell of an ending along with beautiful Venus song playing," posted u/Kind_Translator_3714.

Though certainly a satisfying ending, it also comes at a cost. Trinity's death gives way to one of the most tragic moments of the show, Rita's death. Unbeknownst to Dexter, Trinity had already killed Rita in the bathtub and Dexter's attempt to rid the world of the serial killer came too late. This finale of "Dexter" was one of the most famous because Trinity was one of the worst killers whose victims was one of the most beloved characters on the show.