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Elden Ring: How To Fix The Infinite Death Loop Hack

"Elden Ring" has become one of the first universally acclaimed games of 2022 with a critic and user rating just short of perfect. It's challenging, entertaining, and immersive in a way that both beginners and veteran Souls fans could enjoy. However, it was only so long until some "Dung Eater" ruined the fun. Players have been experiencing an infinite death loop hack, which most attributed to unknown hackers who target random players for the fun of it.

The Elden Ring Update Twitter, also known as Mordecai, reported the infinite death loop hack soon after it began happening.  "There's an exploit going around on PC where hackers will corrupt your save file while you're invaded," Mordecai wrote. "First they will crash your game, and when you open it back up, your character will be constantly falling to their death..."

In the clip included with the tweet, the player tries to open their game after it crashes but sees the "YOU DIED" screen almost as soon as the game loads. Presumably, this is because the game is hacked to keep the character falling indefinitely, thus dying the moment the game opens.

Well, not immediately dying. That's what the DIY fix takes advantage of. Here's how to fix the infinite death loop hack, if you're so unfortunate to experience it.

Press these buttons to stop the infinite death loop

Redditor Draiganedig was the first to popularize a fix, which involves spamming buttons until you have enough time to open the map and teleport out of free fall. This fix takes advantage of the split second before the player's death, which PC players should use to press Alt+F4 to close the game. Closing the game allows the player more time to open their map when they log back in, where they can then teleport to a Site of Grace. Draiganedig stresses to press Alt+F4 before you die.

"When you re-login, open your map using whatever key it's bound to (it's the touchpad on the PS5), press the button that opens the list of available Sites of Grace (Triangle on PS5, Y on Xbox), and spam your confirm button (X on PS5, A on Xbox), the post reads.

It isn't an instant fix and it's annoying to do, enough so that most community authorities suggest just playing offline altogether. "Back up any future saves just in case the hacks get more sophisticated," Draiganedig adds.

"Elden Ring" is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The infinite death loop hack only affects PC players, though Draiganedig's post includes console button inputs for those who play using a controller. No console players have reported experiencing the hack at this time.