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The Creepiest Crime Scene From CSI Season 10

CBS's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" is surely a must-watch for any fan of crime drama TV. The series is filled to the brim with gruesome murder and violent crime cases, making it perfect for those with a penchant for all things dark and twisted. Each episode typically tackles one or more violent cases, where the Crime Scene Investigation Unit of the Las Vegas Police Department collects evidence and attempts to solve the crime. With its dark subject matter, "CSI" has become massively popular and has even spawned several spin-off series including, "CSI: NY and "CSI: Miami."

Over its 336 episodes and 15 seasons, the CSI unit led by Gil Grissom (William Peterson) has been sent to collect evidence at all kinds of crime scenes. Most of the time, the team finds victims in more suspecting places like seedy hotel rooms and desolate alleyways. However, one crime scene in Season 10 was particularly shocking.

Episode 8, Lover's Lanes, has a particularly gruesome crime scene

The Season 10 episode "Lover's Lanes" opens up with a competitive bowling match. Just as one of the players reaches down for his bowling ball, a decapitated head rolls out of the ball return. The victim is one of the bowling alley's employees, and his murder is made all the more dramatic by the fact that his girlfriend is in the audience.

The crime scenes of "CSI" don't typically involve something as public as a competitive bowling game, which makes this all the creepier. It's especially shocking given how many people saw the victim and the fact that his head took the place of a bowling ball. Even grosser is a scene that reveals exactly how the decapitated head made its way through the ball return system. All in all, the crime scene featured in "Lover's Lanes" turns out to be especially gruesome.