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The Burning Question Motherland: Fort Salem Fans Have About The Biddies

For two seasons, "Motherland: Fort Salem" has given viewers a unique take on the idea of witchcraft. Eliot Laurence's Freeform series depicts witches in an alternate timeline, separate from the well-known history of the Salem Witch Trials. Instead of being burnt at the stake in the 1600s, the original witch Sarah Alder (Lyne Renee) made a deal with the militia: If they were spared, all witches in the future would be conscripted into the military and fight America's battles. With this new version of the military comes many new rules and hierarchies to understand.

First and foremost is Alder's position among the ranks. Though she was in her youth 300 years prior to the story, she is still around. She does this through her devoted following of biddies. These are witches who have volunteered to give Alder their youth. Young witches will join her and immediately age into elderly women. They also share a telepathic connection, causing them to emulate her movements, even hissing when Alder is upset. If one in their ranks dies, they have to immediately replace her, or Alder will age. Alder's leadership over Fort Salem is so important that it is deemed necessary to take these precautions. 

Though this magic is interesting, fans can't help but wonder about one specific aspect regarding Alder's followers.

Fans wonder if the biddies actually go everywhere with Alder

The biddies are Alder's constant companions as well as her defense against death. For this reason, the biddies are always around her, protecting her agenda as well as her physical body. This makes some fans on Reddit question the logistics of how this would work. "Do the biddies go everywhere with Alder?" wondered u/iwellyess

This could pose a problem for Alder in her more private moments. She may want to be alone from time to time or even if she needs a shower. But one Redditor noted that Alder doesn't seem to have an issue with privacy.

"[The biddies] were present where she was having sex with the witch-lord ....So I guess they maintain closer distance all the time...." noted u/captainflirt. During Beltane, it is customary for witches to engage in sexual activities to boost their power. Alder participates with the Witchfather (Nick E. Tarabay), the leader of the male counterpart to Fort Salem. While they are together, the biddies are present, though with their backs turned.

After three centuries of living, Alder does not seem to be self-conscious about her privacy. The biddies are the reason she has such a long life and she wants to hold onto her power. If there is a rare moment where you can't see the biddies around Alder, there is almost a guarantee that they are at the very least close by, ready to spring into action.