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World War II Cut This Famous Disney Story From A Movie To A Short

Suffice to say, Mickey Mouse helped put Disney and animation as a whole on the map. The wonderful character's cartoons captivated the nation and won over the hearts of millions. From "Steamboat Willie" to the character's most recent cartoons, the character has had an enduring legacy in more ways than one, and the best part is now thanks to the advent of Disney+, people can continue finding his earlier adventures in a way that's easier than ever before.

While there are plenty of Mickey Mouse projects to check out, whether you want to relieve your own childhood or introduce your kids to the Mouse, it's intriguing to think of all the stories that remained on the cutting room floor. That includes one such tale that technically came to fruition but was initially supposed to be much grander in scope. One of Disney's most beloved shorts was actually supposed to be a feature-length project, but due to World War II, it didn't come about until years later as a short film, remaining one of the most fascinating Disney movies we'll never see

WWII suspended production of Mickey and the Beanstalk

By the late 1930s, Mickey Mouse had starred in various shorts, and apparently, Walt Disney thought it was time for him to star in his own feature-length adventure. As a result, Disney started developing "Mickey and the Beanstalk," which would see Mickey team up with his friends Goofy and Donald in the classic tale. Animation got started, but due to the onset of World War II, which cut the company off from its foreign release market, it had to be halted (via D23). The 1941 Disney animators' strike certainly didn't help matters, either.

The concept wouldn't be scrapped entirely. Once the war was over, Disney returned to the project but decided to include it as a short segment in the longer "Fun and Fancy Free," which you can currently watch on Disney+. The 1947 film consists of two shorter projects, namely "Bongo" and "Mickey and the Beanstalk." "Bongo" was also supposed to be a feature film in and of itself, but it also got shelved due to the war. 

While some version of the story did eventually make it to people's screens, it remains one of the more intriguing "What if" stories from the halls of Disney.