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How To Catch Darkrai In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

Despite "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" being available for a while now, The Pokemon company continues to push out updates for the game. Many of these updates include opportunities to catch rare Pokemon like Arceus, although some fans are upset about that event since it requires you to purchase and beat "Pokemon Legends: Arceus." Other updates include activating the Global Wonder Station, which allows players to trade with random people from around the world. The Global Wonder Station was available in the original games from the start, but was added to the remakes four months later, for unknown reasons.

Another one of these updates adds the opportunity to catch Darkrai, a mysterious Dark-type Pokemon that makes up one-half of the Lunar Duo. The opportunity to catch this Pokemon is limited, so players will need to hurry if they want to add Darkrai to their Pokedex. Here's how to catch Darkrai in "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl."

Beat the game and claim a special mystery gift

According to the official Pokemon website, players have a series of tasks they need to complete before they can catch Darkrai. An important thing to note is that the mystery gift item, the Member Card, needed to catch Darkrai can only be claimed from April 1 to May 1, giving time for players to prepare. First, you will need to have beaten the game, entered the Hall of Fame, and obtained the National Pokedex. You will need to catch Cresselia on Fullmoon Island after saving the sailor's son in Canalave City.

Now, after obtaining the Member Card, head to Canalave City and go to the house behind the Pokemon Center. The man inside will tell you he has a reservation for you. Go to sleep and you will wake up on Fullmoon Island where Darkrai will be waiting for you in the forest. Make sure to save, because if you fail to catch Darkrai it will be gone forever. Catching Darkrai isn't too terribly difficult, as long as you set a calendar reminder to claim the mystery gift.