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The Most Disturbing Criminal In CSI: Miami Season 1

The following article includes mentions of child abuse and sexual assault.

For 10 seasons, "CSI: Miami" remained one of the most riveting crime dramas on television. Millions of people tuned in over the years to watch the titular team hunt down criminals in an attempt to bring them to justice. Every member of the team had their own unique skills they brought to the table, and more times than not, they were able to bring justice to the victims of whatever crime transpired in a given episode. 

It's the kind of show you need a strong stomach to watch. The series wasn't afraid to depict some truly horrific crimes over the years, and even in its inaugural season, it didn't pull any punches. The show lets audiences know right off the bat precisely what they would be in for if they decided to sign up for the ride. That includes one of the most disturbing criminals that's ever appeared on the procedural.

Stewart Otis' crimes were despicable

Season 1, Episode 6 of "CSI: Miami," titled "Broken," has one of the most heinous crimes ever depicted on the procedural series. It kicks off when a mother loses track of her young daughter, who ends up being found dead in a bathroom. They manage to piece together fragments of the perpetrator's fingerprints and identify the assailant as Stewart Otis (William O'Leary). They track him down to a farm where they stumble upon a collection of child pornography as well as the bodies of several missing deceased children. 

It's a grisly sight that hints at horrific acts having taken place there, but even after he was arrested, fans weren't out of the woods from having to see him again. He reappeared on the series in Season 1, Episode 24, "Body Count." He escapes from prison with two other criminals, and they quickly fall back on old ways. Fortunately, he's captured yet again and eventually executed for his crimes.

Stewart Otis left a haunting impression over the rest of "CSI: Miami" Season 1. Few criminals after him have managed to leave such an impact.

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