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The Saddest Death In The Witcher Season 2

Like any heroic figure in a fantasy series, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) sees difficult times. Most of "The Witcher" Season 1 centers around Geralt keeping humanity at arm's length as he travels The Continent and killing monsters as he finds them. Though he knows he has won a child through the Law of Surprise, he is reluctant to take Ciri (Freya Allan), believing that he is unfit to be her guardian. When they finally unite, the stakes are increased even higher going into in Season 2.

Nilfgaard is determined to take possession of Ciri, and Geralt must fight even harder to keep her safe. He vows to protect her no matter the cost. And there is a cost. With Ciri being wanted by seemingly everyone on the Continent for her mysterious powers and position, many people are caught in the crossfire. Almost all the inhabitants of Kaer Morhen, the Witcher stronghold, are killed in defense of her. And while this is a devastating loss for Geralt and Vesemir (Kim Bodnia), there is one death that is even worse.

Even though Geralt has to replace his horse eventually, fans can't handle the death of Roach

Though Geralt is a loner in the beginning of "The Witcher," he does have one companion that rarely leaves his side. The Witcher's noble steed Roach is a cherished aspect from both the games and the books. This connection is a significant one, which Cavill confirmed during the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. "​​He's like an anchor to Geralt's tried and true self, because he gives that name to every horse he has, and because Geralt is 100 years old, and horses don't live that long. He's gone through a few Roach's already. She's the one access point he has to humanity," Cavill stated (via comicbook.com).

Even though Roach's come and go, no one really wanted to see the poor girl ripped apart. In Season 2 episode "Dear Friend..." Roach is injured during an encounter with a chernobog. After so many adventures with Roach, many fans on Reddit were heartbroken. "The worst death for me wasn't Eskel or any of the unnamed witchers that died in the last episode. It was Roach," posted u/SilvanArrow. The violence for how the beloved horse died was what was the worst for some. "That s*** was brutal af. I swear I cried more this season than last," stated u/Bliss-Smith. Even when Geralt is on his own, Roach is a true friend. Saying goodbye to her hit fans hard for many different reasons.

It was made all the more emotional with Geralt's parting words

If it wasn't hard enough to watch Geralt's faithful friend be dispatched, the scene doesn't end there. Roach is only mortally wounded by the chernobog. Geralt has to deliver the final mercy killing blow. His final words to Roach are heartfelt and added further to fans' tears. "I was NOT mentally prepared for this. 'Enjoy your last walk across the meadow and through the mist. Be not afraid of her, for she is your friend,'" quoted u/hoosiergage.

These final words were written by Cavill himself, who felt that strongly about Roach's departure. In an interview with Polygon, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich explained that the actor had an idea about what to say as parting words to the cherished beast. "​​I said, 'You know what, you come up with something. I trust you, you know this material so well, you know the book so well, you don't even have to pitch it to me.' And he came back the next day with a beautiful speech that's at the end of 'Sword of Destiny' when Geralt is facing death and it's such a pitch perfect moment," the showrunner said.

Geralt telling Roach to not be afraid of death makes the scene even more tear-jerking. Cavill's passion for the role and the source material made a perfect storm for "The Witcher." It ensures that scenes like these are always grounded emotionally and continue to be resonant.