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Kung Fu Panda Fans Just Got Exciting News

In 2008, DreamWorks delivered a stunning, scissor-kicking adventure about a martial arts-obsessed panda who would go on to become a legendary warrior. Starring the voice of Jack Black as Po, John Stevenson and Mark Osborne's "Kung Fu Panda" is now a family classic. The film was met with an impressive reception from critics, along with a worldwide box office of $631 million (via The Numbers). From there, it was followed by two more big-screen installments before spinning off onto Nickelodeon with the show "Kung-Fu Panda: Legend of Awesomeness." That was eventually followed by "Kung-Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny" on Amazon Prime Video.

Given the franchise's success and longevity, it makes sense that more adventures for our hero Po could be in the bamboo-encased pipeline. Well, now it looks like we're getting just that, and most importantly, the voice that brought Po to life in the first place will be back, as well.

Jack Black will be returning for Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight

Fittingly timed for National Panda Day (what? you forgot?), Netflix has announced that they're working on an all-new adventure with Po and that Jack Black will be back in the recording booth, as well. Thanks to a press release obtained by Looper, we know the new series, titled "Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight," will see our hero head to distant lands to stop a pair of weasels from uncovering a sacred set of weapons. Now, as with any classic road trip, the series will see Po teamed up with a new ally in the form of an English knight known as Wandering Blade. Together, they'll have to put aside their differences in order to stop the weasels from finding their sought-after treasure while they kick various furry posteriors along the way.

Currently, there's no confirmation on who will be voicing the mysterious Wandering Blade. Still, given that he's described as a "no-nonsense English knight" in the press release, the vacancy can sure open up a wide list of potentials. Might Po be teaming up with a hero that sounds like Colin Firth? Might Tom Hardy have a go at his first animated entry? Could two Jack's be better than one, and we get "Jungle Cruise" star Jack Whitehall along for the trip? For now, we can only speculate and wait and see when Po and his mysterious new pal jump into action — most likely on a full stomach.