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The Turning Red Scene Fans Couldn't Help But Love

The following article contains spoilers for "Turning Red."

"Turning Red" is the latest escapade from Pixar. Instead of focusing on toys or insects, this film turns its attention onto a seemingly ordinary 13-year-old girl named Mei Lee (Rosalie Chiang). She does well in school and always listens to what her mother tells her until one fateful night when she gets hit with a family "blessing" that transforms every woman in the family into a giant red panda. Now, whenever she experiences extreme emotions, she turns into the beast, and there's only one chance to get rid of it.

The movie's been a massive hit with fans and critics since it first came out on March 11. It's earned a 95% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes from critics, with many saying it's one of Pixar's best films in years. The combination of the heartwarming story and humor set against a backdrop of the early 2000s (boy bands and all) has won over the hearts of many. There are numerous standout scenes, from Mei Lee dancing with her friends to the montage of the girls all using the panda to earn money to buy concert tickets. 

The movie's a ton of fun, but there's one moment, in particular, that fans absolutely adore.

The pad scene struck a chord with viewers

Despite the fact "Turning Red" involves a magical spell where women turn into red pandas, it's arguably the most human story Pixar has ever told. And it focuses on characters and relationships that don't often get the spotlight they deserve in the media. Mei gets into contention with her mother, Ming (Sandra Oh), as she comes of age. As one can likely tell from watching the film, it functions as a metaphor for puberty, with the panda being synonymous with a young girl's beginning of menstruation. 

This is made transparently clear when Ming specifically brings pads into the bathroom when she suspects Mei is only on her period. It may come across as a small scene to some, but it was a major moment in representation to others. Normally, periods aren't discussed that often in media, so it was refreshing to see such a major release tackle it openly. On Twitter, @loverlydarling wrote, "idk that I *ever* (as a teen) saw anything depict women's health and care (mental & physical) with the normalcy #TurningRed does. There's something revolutionary to that level of transparency about adolescence being HARD."

Periods aren't just something young girls and women should be expected to just deal with. They sometimes cause pain and discomfort, and Ming obviously knows that, seeing as how she also brings ibuprofen and Vitamin B into the bathroom along with the pads. @aikohwrites had similar feelings, "Shout out to Ming for being so prepared to help her daughter through her first period. I got mine so young it was traumatic af so we gotta normalize talking about this s*** so that kids don't freak out when it happens to them." 

"Turning Red" may be a children's movie, but it's clear there's plenty for adults to appreciate in it, as well.