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Why Sandra Bullock Kept Saying No To The Blind Side Before Signing On

For Sandra Bullock, 2009 was a major year. In June and September, respectively, she made audiences laugh out loud as bossy book editor Margaret Tate in "The Proposal" and love-stricken crossword-puzzle creator Mary Horowitz in "All About Steve" (via IMDb). However, the blockbuster film that dropped in November showcases a completely different, more serious side to Bullock.

We're talking about John Lee Hancock's "The Blind Side," the heartwarming true story of Leigh Anne Tuohy (Bullock) and her husband Sean (Tim McGraw), who take in Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a homeless black teen abandoned by his mother. Tuohy is a no-nonsense woman with a heart of gold who welcomes "Big Mike" into her Tennessee home, takes him shopping and defends him against her judgmental white friends. Thanks to her support, Oher is not only able to graduate with a 2.52 GPA, but go on to enjoy a successful NFL career with the Baltimore Ravens, who in 2009 drafted him in the first round (via ESPN).

"The Blind Side" received rave reviews and earned over $300 million at the box office worldwide (via The Numbers). As for Bullock, her performance earned her an Oscar in 2010. Despite the movie's massive impact, Bullock initially said "no" to joining the cast.

Sandra Bullock feared she wouldn't do the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy justice

Before agreeing to take on the role of real-life powerhouse Leigh Anne Tuohy, Bullock had some reservations. Her biggest fear was that she wouldn't be able to do Tuohy and her selfless actions justice on the big screen. Basically, she didn't want to mess it up. In an effort to ease herself into the role, Bullock regularly observed Tuohy, taking note of everything from her mannerisms to what energizes her to get out of bed each morning (via Tribute Movies). Also, not only did Bullock study Tuohy's personality traits, she created a lengthy list of her favorite makeup products, nail polish and clothes, right down to the underwear.

"It was really scary. That's why I just kept saying, 'No,'" reflected Bullock. "Leigh Anne will beat anyone in their energy, any day, in her sleep. When I first met her, I was thoroughly exhausted by the time I left her and she was still gonna go for another five hours."

Though Bullock entered "The Blind Side" set full of nerves, she's thankful that she went through with the role and feels she gave it her all.

"I left going, 'I have no idea what I did. I don't know if it's right. I don't know if I gave what I needed to give.' But I was spent by the time I left," she said. "It was a good life experience, not just for the work. I felt like I came out of it just bigger. You felt fuller when you left this place."