How Chris Hemsworth feels about Thor's short hair

The prince of Asgard and of luscious locks, Chris Hemsworth's Thor turned heads in the Kenneth Branagh-directed Thor, and quickly became the subject of many hair-based internet memes. Flash forward six years, and Thor's shoulder-length blonde hair is long gone. The hero is now seen sporting a new short hairdo for director Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok, a look Hemsworth explains is incredibly liberating for the character.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly (via ScreenRant), Hemsworth and Waititi opened up about the overall aesthetic of Thor: Ragnarok. For Hemsworth's part, shearing off Thor's tresses was a crucial component of the upcoming flick, as he felt the wig he work in the previous two installments was weighing him and character down. 

"When I didn't have the wig on, I instantly felt like I could move and speak and react differently. Once we aesthetically stripped a lot of that away, it allowed the whole thing to take on a different attitude," Hemsworth explained. It felt like a completely different character, and that was hugely liberating and freeing as an actor because I had become a bit bored with myself."

Waiti spoke about the inspiration behind the film's visuals, which include Thor's new on-screen style. "The look is inspired a helluva lot by Jack Kirby and his art. I loved the kind of cosmic trippy vibe of the Thor comics," the New Zealander director said. "I've often said if Freddie Mercury were alive, I would have asked Queen to do the soundtrack. The movie just has that feel: It's a cool, bold, colorful cosmic adventure."

Thankfully, we won't have to wait too long to see Thor: Ragnarok in all its irreverent, technicolor glory. The film is set for a November 3 release. 

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