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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 12 Scene Fans Thought Made No Sense

After premiering on AMC all the way back in 2010, "The Walking Dead" is finally nearing the end of its 12-year run. The popular post-apocalyptic series has reached the halfway point of its final, 24-episode season, and thanks to a flashforward in "No Other Way," fans know that the season's remaining episodes will see some troubling divides grow between, at the very least, two of the show's longtime heroes. As a result, tensions are starting to ramp up between several of the show's central characters.

However, just because "The Walking Dead" is in the midst of airing its final season doesn't mean fans of the series are going to stop poking fun at the show's various plot holes and mistakes. That's been the case for the entirety of "The Walking Dead" Season 11, and it looks like the same can be said for the show's latest episode.

The installment in question, titled "The Lucky Ones," drew the ire of several "Walking Dead" fans online for a moment that took many out of what should have been an impactful scene.

Fans think Mercer's soldiers are too good at what they do

A little over 30 minutes into its runtime, "The Lucky Ones" finds several of the biggest "Walking Dead" characters fighting for their lives in a crowd of walkers. However, while Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and her allies more than hold their own throughout the fight, the skirmish comes to a quick and deadly end thanks to General Mercer (Michael James Shaw). After joining the battle, Mercer calls for a nearby group of Commonwealth soldiers to fire their guns into the group and kill all the walkers. The soldiers successfully manage to do that, spraying the forest in front of them with bullets and taking down every walker in sight.

While the moment does a good job of further establishing the Commonwealth's military might, it also calls for viewers to suspend their disbelief a bit too much. Indeed, the scene asks viewers to not only believe that Mercer would tell his soldiers to shoot into the very crowd that he and his allies are standing in, but also that his soldiers are so well-trained that they didn't hit a single one of the battle's human combatants. Unsurprisingly, some "Walking Dead" fans were quick to point out their issues with the scene.

For instance, in a Reddit thread dedicated to discussing "The Lucky Ones," u/recuerdeme sarcastically wrote that the soldiers' bullets were "very considerate" for not hitting "any of the humans." In response to their fellow Redditor's comment, u/ChattGM wrote, "Yeah that was... impressive lol. Mercer's training must be rigorous for his troops to be that accurate." Meanwhile, u/honeycombyourhair admitted that they thought the scene was "very strange."

In other words, it looks like some "Walking Dead" fans have a real problem with Mercer's show of force in "The Lucky Ones." Unfortunately, it's easy to see why.