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33% Of Haikyuu!! Fans Agree This Is The Worst Season Of The Show

To date, "Haikyuu!!" ranks as one of the greatest sports anime of all time. At least, it's good enough that we ranked its most recent season as one of the best anime of 2zA020. And how could we not? The series manages to take an everyday sport like volleyball and elevate it to an intense conflict between some seriously determined and inspiring figures. The tale of Shoyo Hinata's rise to the national level is one that can't be overlooked, and the series easily deserves a spot in the anime hall of fame.

However, no anime is perfect. Out of the four seasons of "Haikyuu!!," fans definitely have sections of the series which they believe could've been done better. Whether it be the stories, the characters, or the animation, some seasons of "Haikyuu!!" simply fall short of others. When it comes to the worst season, however, 33% of "Haikyuu!!" fans agree that the first half of Season 4 takes the cake.

Haikyuu!! To the Top Part 1 somehow falls to the bottom

Fans of 'Haikyuu!!" figured out just how much they disliked the first half of Season 4, titled "Haikyuu!! To The Top Part 1," in a popular poll held on Reddit. As previously mentioned, 33% of the fanbase settled on that particular season, which accrued 258 votes overall. The next worst season, Season 1, came in just a hair behind with 240 votes. It was a close decision for many fans, with comments on the thread revealing their conflicted choice.

"Season 1 is the hardest to go back and watch for me and Season 4 as a whole has the best individual story arcs but animation brings it down," wrote user u/Thinkabout_2805.

"I honestly think both parts of Season 4 have been good in terms of story but are just inconsistent in terms of animation," wrote u/Yung_Babymeat. "I guess Season 1 would be my least favorite, some of my favorite characters like Bokuto hadn't been introduced yet and none of my favorite games were in that season."

Regardless of which season is the worst, however, fans can agree that the show overall is still phenomenal. Being the worst of the best still means that you're pretty darn good, and "Haikyuu!!" is no exception. Or, as u/cool_pengu eloquently put it, "There is no bad season." For that reason, it's safe to say that "Haikyuu!!" should keep its spot as one of anime's golden children.