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Why You Need To Upgrade Elden Ring's Spirit Jellyfish

You've heard it a bunch of times now, but just in case you didn't get the message: "Elden Ring" is really, really hard. And that's completely by design. FromSoftware has always developed games that are meant to played and replayed and mastered over time. This is why fans of such games are so impressed when others storm through such a daunting experience in record-breaking time. The average "Elden Ring" player, however, won't have such an easy time, nor will everyone be as adept at defeating death-dealing baddies as others might. If players want to survive long enough to experience all that the game has to offer, they will have to make use of several advantages provided by upgrades and tools found in "Elden Ring."

One of the biggest edges that players have discovered is the Spirit Jellyfish. In "Elden Ring," there are several Spirit companions that players can summon when they are either in a tough spot and are in desperate need of help, or if they just want to blitz through a section without breaking too much of a sweat. But of these Spirits available for the summoning, the Spirit Jellyfish has proven to be quite handy, especially during boss fights.

Spirit Jellyfish have high HP and distract enemies

By default, Spirit Jellyfish are formidable allies. While they don't offer much in terms of offense, Jellyfish in "Elden Ring" can handily distract enemies and are endowed with a high amount of HP, meaning they can take quite a licking for a longer period of time any other available companions. This is especially useful in the case of boss battles, as one can simply deploy these Jellyfish and pepper their opponent with attacks while it's preoccupied with the high HP Jellyfish. This is also why upgrading these Spirits can be very important. With each upgrade, that already-high HP on the Jellyfish will become even higher. This will allow players to use them for even longer, buying even more time to go to town on distracted enemies.

Should you wish to get some jelly friends of your own, there are two easy ways to find them. One area where you can attain the Jellyfish is at Stormhill Shack by Stormveil Castle. There, you will meet a woman dressed in red who will offer you Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, provided you talk to her enough times. Another can be found at a gravesite in the Stormveil region, where the player can stumble upon a corpse with Spirit Jellyfish Ashes available for the looting.