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Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Anniversary Special Gets Release Date

The most well-known and nightmarish project of surrealistic comedy duo Tim and Eric is coming back one more time for a new special this August on Adult Swim, according to a report by Entertainment Weekly. For your health!

The duo just finished a 10-year anniversary tour of the U.S. and Canada, capping off the shows with an announcement of a half-hour special, officially titled Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Awesome 10-Year Anniversary Version, Great Job? It will be the first release of Tim and Eric material under the Awesome Show banner since the hourlong Chrimbus Special in 2010.

As Heidecker noted in the duo's video announcement of their anniversary tour, the 10-year date itself doesn't hold a lot of significance. "Obviously we've made much more than 10 years of content, in terms of shows like Tom Goes to the Mayor and pre-Tom Goes to the Mayor content," Heidecker said. "So '10-year anniversary' is an arbitrary number for us. It's 10 years of Awesome Show." 

The Awesome Show special will premiere on Adult Swim at midnight on Sunday, Aug. 27, followed by six new episodes of the duo's anthology series Bedtime Stories beginning on Sept. 10. Check out the full-size pretty/ugly promo for the Awesome Show special below, and follow it up with a deep dive into the untold truth of Adult Swim.