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The Best Arrest In Blue Bloods Season 4

It goes without saying that the Reagan family on "Blue Bloods" take their jobs very seriously. They've all dedicated their lives to law enforcement, with current family patriarch Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) serving as police commissioner and often finding himself butting heads with other governmental organizations. Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is a detective, while his sister Erin (Bridget Moynahan) serves as an assistant district attorney. And, of course, the baby of the trio, Jamie (Will Estes), is a police officer through and through. 

Each week, the family has various new crimes to solve, often putting their own lives and well-being on the line for the sake of New York's citizens. They may go through the wringer with each new case, but as loyal viewers know all too well, there's just something oh-so-satisfying about seeing the family finally capture a perp. Season 4 certainly had no shortage of those moments, but there's one, in particular, that's always so exhilarating to witness.

Jamie's arrest in Lost and Found shows just what a great cop he is

In Season 4, Episode 5, "Lost and Found," Jamie and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) find themselves in a hostage situation when a disgruntled customer is upset that the jewelry store won't take his custom ring back. Soon, the customer is letting his feelings known to his hostages, and he has a full-on breakdown. Apparently, he was all set to marry the woman of his dreams, but the relationship fell apart. So he wanted to sell the ring back so that he could take a trip to Nigeria and start doing some charity work.

The ends don't justify the means, and you can see the wheels turning in Jamie's head as he looks for a way out of this scenario. Fortunately, he hides the fact he's a cop and manages to convince the customer to let everyone else go while he stays behind. Once the other hostages are safe, Jamie lets it known he's a cop and arrests the criminal. 

It's a great arrest because it shows just how competent Jamie is in this line of work. He kept his cool under pressure and managed to make the arrest without endangering anyone else. He waited until the opportune time and didn't put anyone else, not even Eddie, at risk.