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The Law & Order: SVU Character Some Fans Think Gets Unnecessary Hate

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" has had an extensive cast over its incredibly impressive run. The series follows the exploits of an elite team of investigators, law enforcement officers, lawyers, and district attorneys, as they tackle the most heinous of crimes. Both aspects of crime investigation are highlighted in all of the "Law & Order" franchise, and one half of each episode typically deals with the apprehension and investigation of criminals, while the second half deals with the courts and the resolutions that come from their judgment.

Considering how long the series has been on the air, several actors have come and gone due to the nature of the stories or even for personal reasons. On the other hand, some characters may have entered the show as ground-level lawyers and cops, only to be promoted to positions of authority as "SVU" progresses. Recently, fans gathered on a popular forum to discuss a certain character, and how they felt the character gets undue criticism — but who could it be, with such an extensive cast?

Fans think that Amaro gets unjustified hate

Reddit user u/That_Principle_3681 kicked off the conversation by saying that they are currently re-watching "Law & Order: SVU." They stated that they think Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) is far from perfect and they understand the complaints that he's just an ersatz Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni), but went on to write, "Idk, he's a flawed character/man and has anger control issues and all of that. But he's ultimately a good man and father and I just always feel like he gets a bad rap."

Several others also came to Amaro's defense, with u/hannahsflora saying, "If Amaro had come on the scene a few years after Stabler's exit, I think he would still be on the show. But the first male detective to be partnered with Olivia post-Stabler was always going to be starting from behind, both in fan perception (at the time) and in terms of how to write him as a partner for Olivia without making him Stabler 2.0." Redditor u/curt48snow agreed that "flawed characters make the best characters," and added that they hope they will see more of the him in his new capacity. U/sweetbitter_1005 also agreed that they enjoy his flawed nature, and wrote, "I was sad when he left and really enjoyed the episode this season where he was a guest star. I'd love to see him back more often in his new role."

It seems to be a consensus among "SVU" fans that perhaps some are a little too harsh on the NYPD detective.