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15 Strongest Incredibles Characters Ranked Worst To Best

Pixar's "The Incredibles" is among Walt Disney Studio's most popular and financially successful franchises. Though comprising only two feature-length movies (and several short films), it's a franchise that has earned approaching $2 billion dollars worldwide. In terms of international box office revenue and popularity among Disney fans, it's an animation series that rivals the likes of the "Toy Story," "Monsters, Inc.", "Cars" and "Finding Nemo" franchises.

"The Incredibles" franchise is one of those rare intersections where box-office, fandom and critical approval intersect. Both films received universally high ratings from critics and moviegoers, with the first "Incredibles" film winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. 2018's "The Incredibles 2" would also receive an Oscar nomination, and set the record for the highest-grossing opening weekend for an animated film at $183 million.

Combining a unique, retro-futuristic comic book world with dozens of all-powerful superheroes, clever dialogue and a "Fantastic Four" vibe better than any "Fantastic Four" movie we've seen thus far, "The Incredibles" is truly one of a kind. Let's take a look at the supes from the series, ranking them in terms of who is the most powerful.

15. Reflux

One of the newly-introduced characters in "The Incredibles 2," Reflux was among the aspiring superheroes recruited by Winston Deavor to lead a generation of supes into the future. Unlike his fellow new recruits, all of whom appear on the younger side, Reflux himself is actually far older, appearing to be a more advanced age than even veteran superheroes like Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl.

In spite of his age, Reflux appears to be a powerful superhero, with the strange ability to projectile-vomit super-heated, corrosive lava at his enemies (his name a pun on both the disgusting superpower and a medical condition he mentions to Elastigirl). The character may be there to provide comic relief to the film, but Reflux's aspirations of becoming a superhero are endearing, showing that it's never too late to achieve your dreams. Unfortunately, while his power is unique, it's not useful compared to the other super-powered heroes in the series — and quite frankly, his age puts him at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to catching criminals on the prowl.

14. Screech

Another aspiring hero from "The Incredibles 2," Screech is an owl-themed dude with superhuman abilities. He possesses night vision, the ability to turn his head 360 degrees, and the power of flight through his artificially-made wings. He is also able to screech at sonic volumes so high that it shatters glass.

he might be a minor character, but Screech's powers can be useful when it comes to taking down criminals; the head-spinning thing gives him a low chance of being ambushed, and his sonic screaming can debilitate even the most imposing foe. However, there are some limits to his power. For example, if someone cuts him off before he's able to build up a strong enough scream, he's wide-open for potential attacks — as viewers saw when Dash was able to quickly catch him off-guard.

13. Brick

On paper, a brick-themed superhero doesn't seem like the most exciting superhero gimmick; what Brick lacks in personality, however, she makes up for in her powers. A large, muscle-bound superhero, Brick has remarkable strength, allowing her to smash through walls and heavy steel doors with little to any effort. According to the "Pixar Character Encyclopedia: The Incredibles 2," she can also expand physical form to make herself as large and solidly-built as an actual brick wall. The only major drawback to her character is limited conversational skills, as shown through a brief interaction with Elastigirl, where Brick responds in simple, one-word responses.

In terms of physical strength, Brick is among the strongest, most physically gifted superheroes in "The Incredibles" universe. She's been shown to break through Frozone's ice wall when the two fought at Winston Deavors' mansion, and very nearly beat Mr. Incredible himself when the two fought on board Deavor's ship, the Everjust. Only through the combination of both Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl working together were they able to subdue Brick, in the process freeing her from the Screenslaver's mind control device.

12. He-Lectrix

A minor superhero whose powers resemble that of the X-Men's Storm, He-Lectrix has the ability to generate electricity and control electrical currents. A powerful yet unstable superpower, He-Lectrix can use his electrical powers manually (shocking people by touching them) or by hurling electrical currents as offensive projectile weapons, on display in several fight scenes where he is pitted against the Parr family.

As remarkable as He-Lectrix's powers are, he is plagued by various weaknesses. For example, when Winston pats him on the shoulder, He-Lectrix inadvertently ends up shocking him, perhaps hinting that He-Lectrix does not have his powers completely under control. While he's able to manipulate electricity, it's also clear he's not completely immune to electrocution himself, as seen when Violet generates a force field around him, causing He-Lectrix to accidentally shock himself. While he recovers, these two scenes highlight He-Lectrix's powers being dangerous and unpredictable.

11. Syndrome

The main antagonist of the original "Incredibles" film, Syndrome is one of the most unstable, narcissistic, vindictive villains in Pixar's filmography. Once a devoted superhero fan, 10-year-old Buddy Pine longed to one day become a superhero, masquerading as the sidekick of Mr. Incredible and referring to himself as "IncrediBoy." When Mr. Incredible sternly rejected Buddy's assistance, the boy was devastated, feeling betrayed by his former idol and dejected over his unlikeliness of one day becoming a hero.

As an adult, Buddy rebrands himself as Syndrome, a superhero who uses technology as his primary power. On the surface, Syndrome may appear heroic-looking, but he simply stages events so that he's able to appear as a superhero — such as having the remote-controlled Omnidroid crash into Municiberg so that he's able to "save" the city. 

Syndrome may lack any actual superpowers, but his genius-level intelligence, technological know-how, and vast wealth establishes him as a dangerous villain with megalomaniacal disillusions of stardom. He also has a wide array of state-of-the-art weapons at his disposal, such as rocket-powered boots and a gauntlet that uses zero-point energy to literally freeze people in place.

10. Evelyn Deavor

The main antagonist in "The Incredibles 2," Evelyn Deavor is the chief designer and co-owner of DEVTECH alongside her brother, Winston. The person responsible for elevating the company into a wildly successful, lucrative telecommunications giant, Evelyn is the mind behind all of DEVTECH's technological advancements and inventions. Appearing as a key ally to Elastigirl and a main proponent for superheroes' return in "The Incredibles 2," she's later revealed to be the terrorist mastermind, the Screenslaver.

As children, Evelyn and her brother lose their parents to a pair of burglars, with Evelyn blaming their father's dependence and trust in superheroes for their death. As an adult, Evelyn's embittered attitude towards supes has only grown more fierce, eventually resulting in her assuming her villainous Screenslaver alter ego. Utilizing technology she created to hypnotize anyone who views a specific screen, Deavor effectively has complete control over their actions, making them mindless zombies forced to do her bidding. While her mind control device gives complete autonomous control over whoever is viewing her screen, she is rendered powerless when the screen's transmission is interrupted.

9. Omnidroid

Syndrome may be the brains behind Operation Kronos, but it's the Omnidroid that is the primary physical threat in "The Incredibles." Designed as a high-powered, quick-thinking series of killer robots, the Omnidroid was specifically built to terminate superheroes —something it easily managed to do during the events of "The Incredibles." As seen in Mr. Incredible's battle against the Omnidroid, the machine has a fast response time and the intelligence to predict and outmaneuver its opponents. Equipped with a large, globe-shaped body it uses as a weapon, the droid can retract its limbs and roll at high speeds to crush anything in its path. It uses multi-feature, sharp claws to grab and hurl objects while rotating at high volumes (acting as weaponized propellors) and can shoot lasers out of its motion sensing singular eye.

The most deadly feature about the Omnidroid, however, is its adaptability. Powered by an ever-growing artificial intelligence, every time a model is defeated by a superhero, a newer version of the Omnidroid is constructed with deadlier modifications made to correct the flaws and weaknesses of its predecessor. 

Such advanced intelligence ultimately leads to Syndrome's (its primary creator) undoing. During the final battle of the first film, the Omnidroid is able to quickly identify that Syndrome is controlling its movements via remote control, becoming self-aware and trying to gain control of the remote for itself. Built specifically to be the ultimate weapon in combating even the strongest superheroes, the Omnidroid's greatest weakness turns out to be itself; having been defeated not once but twice after Mr. Incredible tricks it into using its own mechanical arms to pierce its outer armor, these droids are too smart for themselves.

8. Krushauer

A powerful telekinetic aspiring superhero recruited by Winston Deavor, Krushauer is one of the most noteworthy heroes introduced in "The Incredibles 2." Possessing superhuman strength and endurance, he is able to manipulate any object he so chooses, using both his hands and his mind to crush anything from a simple aluminum can to multiple industrial metal pipes.

There really is no limit to the things Krushauer is capable of telekinetically crushing. He used his power to nearly crush Violet inside her own force field, and was only narrowly defeated by Mr. Incredible during the climax of "The Incredibles 2" after the latter threw a large steel pipe at Krushauer's head (which Krushauer was quickly able to recover from). 

While Krushauer's powers can be devastating, he is a one-trick pony. Upon regaining his senses when he is freed by the Screenslaver's mind control device, he is visibly perplexed at the prospect of manipulating objects back to their original form, asking Mr. Incredible with confusion, "You want me to un-crush?"

7. Voyd

The last of the aspiring superheroes introduced in "The Incredibles 2," Voyd is the most vocal of Winston Deavor's young recruits. Upon meeting her idol, Elastigirl, she is visibly starstruck, stammering her sentences and appearing flustered. 

Despite such awkward conversational skills, Voyd establishes herself as one of the strongest new heroes that appears in the second "Incredibles" flick. Her main power is creating portals out of thin air, allowing her to teleport objects and people from one area to another. Through this, she's able bypass certain obstacles and defenses (such as Violet's force fields), or redirect objects that are heading her way (such as a punch from Elastigirl).

Voyd's powers are on full display when she is under the control of the Screenslaver, but her limitations become most apparent when she is awakened from her trance by Elastigirl. For example, the portals she creates seem to hinge heavily on Voyd's ability to see where she's teleporting objects to. When she tries to create a portal for Elastigirl to board the Screenslaver's jet, she initially fails at first, randomly teleporting Elastigirl midair around the jet rather than actually inside of it. This is reminiscent of the teleportation limitations around the X-Men character Nightcrawler.

Her relative naivety and lack of experience can also be seen as a serious detriment, as she is shown appearing less than confident in her abilities. However, Voyd's raw enthusiasm and strong willingness to help others and use her powers for good make her a powerful superhero in the making. She might not be up to par with Elastigirl or Mr. Incredible yet, but with time and experience, perhaps she'd play a part in an "Incredibles 3," if Brad Bird ever gets around to making it.

6. Frozone

The best friend of Mr. Incredible and one of the strongest supporting characters in both "Incredibles" films, Frozone is among Pixar fans' most beloved characters. As his name suggests, he has the superhuman power to generate and control mass amounts of ice and snow.

There really is no end to Frozone's powers. Not only is he able to blast ice or snow from his hands as projectile weapons, freezing objects or enemies in their place, he's also able to form solid structures out of said ice, such as large walls or pathways that he uses for speedy travel. His costume comes equipped with specialized boots that can transform into ice skates, skis, or an indented disk Frozone uses as a snowboard. 

The only downfall to Frozone's power is his reliance on water. Without it, his powers are nonexistent. However, as he mentions to Mr. Incredible, even the smallest amount of water — such as the moisture in the air or a small plastic cup from a drinking fountain — can give this hero a full recharge.

5. Dash

Dash is the smart-mouthed eldest son of the Parrs, possessing the superhuman ability to move at extremely high speeds. It's unknown how fast exactly he's capable of moving, but he's been shown to run so quickly that not even a surveillance camera can detect the smallest hint of motion. His high speed even allows him to run across water without sinking, with his legs powerful enough to propel Elastigirl's makeshift boat after Dash, Violet, and their mother are stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Though only ten-years-old, Dash demonstrates powerful superpowers for his age. Not only do his powers appear as an asset in terms of speedy travel, but can also be useful in terms of basic combat skills. While fighting opponents, he can gather enough speed behind his offensive attacks to land several blows in rapid succession. 

Along with Violet, Dash also demonstrates some quick-witted problem-solving skills. As the Everjust is launched headfirst at Municiberg near the end of "The Incredibles 2," Dash suggests the family tries to manually push the ship off-course, effectively saving the city as a result. His powers possess little to any weaknesses — even if Dash's impulsive nature and desire to prove himself sometimes threaten to expose the family to vulnerabilities.

4. Violet

The oldest child of the Parr family and the only daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, Violet has unbelievably strong powers that manifest throughout both "Incredibles" films. She can turn herself invisible at will, and also has the unique ability to create force fields of varying sizes. 

In the first half of the original "Incredibles," Violet appears uncertain of how to fully utilize her powers, struggling to create even small force fields. As she is put in continuously-increasing dangerous situations that require her to act on her feet, she's able to more quickly generate stronger and larger force fields.

Violet's force fields themselves are a powerful tool she uses to protect herself and others, capable of withstanding everything from gunfire and electricity to blunt force and even extreme heat (such as Reflux's volcanic bile). As strong as her force fields are, however, they are not totally indestructible. With sufficient force or prolonged offensive attacks, the force field's strength gradually wears away over time. Violet's main weakness, though, is her personal insecurities and the lack of confidence she holds in herself and her powers. A lonely teenager who wants only to fit in, she views her abilities as a curse that make her an outcast among normal people. Only near the final act of the original "Incredibles" does she gain confidence and full control over her powers, thanks in large part to an emotional conversation she shares with her mother.

3. Elastigirl

It's fair to say that Elastigirl is the glue that holds the Parr family together. A devoted mother and wife, she takes care of them through even the most difficult and perilous times, and is known for giving each family member one-on-one advice that boosts their confidence. While she makes for a loving mother who cares deeply for her family, Elastigirl's professional career as a superhero showcases her incredible superpowers — namely, an ability to stretch herself to extreme lengths.

While elasticity itself may not initially appear to be an altogether strong or noteworthy superpower, the way Elastigirl utilizes her abilities are far-ranging and impressive. Along with having extreme flexibility and the power to stretch herself over long distances, she can also morph her body into taking different shapes, such as a parachute and even a boat-like position the family uses as a raft. She's also shown to possess excellent espionage skills — able to sneak through Syndrome's base undetected — and can pilot multiple vehicles such as planes, helicopters, and her signature Elasticycle. 

Her only notable weakness is a susceptibility to cold weather, rendering her unable to stretch lest her bones literally "break," as the Screenslaver warns her shortly after Elastigirl's capture in "The Incredibles 2." She also appears to be personally torn between her role as a superhero and as a mother to her family, wishing only to protect her kids rather than trying to live out the remainder of her days as a superhero (as her husband clearly wishes to do).

2. Mr. Incredible

The patriarch of the Parr family, Mr. Incredible was one of the premiere superheroes of the "glory days," a time before supes were made illegal and forced to go underground. In his prime and later in life, Mr. Incredible was known for his extraordinary superhuman strength. Able to break through brick walls and steel doors with ease, he can lift entire train cars with one arm and to knock the enormous Omnidroid several dozen feet backwards with a single punch. He's virtually indestructible, and can withstand even the most traumatizing physical blows without sustaining significant damage.

Additionally, Mr. Incredible is shown to be a fast problem-solver, quick to adapt to any high-risk situation and outmaneuver even the strongest physical opponents. He was able to outthink the Omnidroid not once but on two separate occasions, likely accounting for his significantly high threat rating on Syndrome's computer database. While invulnerable to nearly every physical threat, Mr. Incredible's greatest weakness lies in his hot-headedness and desire to relive his past. Bitter at the prospect of forced retirement from his superhero career, he is desperate to return to the life of adventure and crime-fighting he left behind, often placing himself at extreme risk to prove he's still as useful and powerful as he was during the glory days, much to the chagrin of his wife.

1. Jack-Jack

The youngest of the Parr children, Jack-Jack may only be an infant, but he's far and away the strongest and most powerful superhero of "The Incredibles" universe. Originally, the Parrs believed Jack-Jack to be the only non-superpowered member of the family, but in the second half of the original movie and its later sequel (as well as the hilarious short "Jack-Jack Attack"), the full range of Jack-Jack's many, many superhuman abilities are made abundantly clear.

Among Jack-Jack's numerous powers, he possesses superhuman strength, durability, teleportation, levitation, electrical generation and manipulation, and telekinesis, along with the ability to shape-shift (usually into a muscular, red, bestial creature when angered) and create multiple duplicate versions of himself. According to Mr. Incredible, Jack-Jack demonstrates a total of 18 superpowers throughout "The Incredibles 2," although it's hinted that he may actually have far more. 

With such a wide array of superpowers at his disposal, Jack-Jack is easily the strongest character in "The Incredibles" series. However, as he is only a baby, he has very little awareness over how to use his powers or the consequences of his actions, usually acting on childish impulses, such as wanting his mother or eating endless amounts of "num-num" cookies.