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The Worst American Pickers Episode From Season 1 According To IMDb

"American Pickers" has grown from just another reality series following a pair of guys with an unusual profession to a full-blown phenomenon for History. The basic premise is simple that you can jump in from Season 1 or Season 20 and know what's going on. For a majority of the series, the storylines focused on two pickers — Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz — who would travel around the country looking for hidden treasures in people's garages and sheds. Fritz may have left the show, but whoever Wolfe's partner ends up being on a particular episode fills the same role. They're treasure hunters through and through, which was evident from the first few episodes.

A lot of shows take a while to get their footing. It may not be until Seasons 3 or 4 that fans know whether they'll ride or die for a series. But with "American Pickers," people knew what they were in for right off the bat. Still, every show has some missteps, and there are actually a couple of episodes from "American Pickers" Season 1 that audiences apparently weren't fond of.

Acres of Junk and Back Breaker are the two lowest-rated episodes from American Pickers Season 1

As you look through the various "American Pickers" ratings on IMDb, there are two episodes from Season 1 that hold the unfortunate designation of lowest-rated. Both "Back Breaker" and "5 Acres of Junk," with dozens of reviews to their name, have ratings of 7.2/10. That's not to say everyone disliked the episodes. When you go to the rating breakdown pages of each episode, they each have some reviews rating them 9/10 and 10/10, but they definitely skew lower than the rest of Season 1.

"Back Breaker," as the title may suggest, is all about Wolfe's bad back. He has problems with it at the beginning of the episode, but he can't afford to take time off work to heal, so he dives headfirst into some new picks. He ends up regretting it when his back acts up even worse. Meanwhile, "5 Acres of Junk" follows Wolfe and Fritz as they venture into New Orleans to search through an antique dealer's collection. 

As of this writing, no one's written an actual review for the episodes, so it's unclear why exactly these stories, in particular, rank so low. But with hundreds of episodes to the show's name, it's more than made up for a few misfires.