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The Funniest Moment In Blue Bloods Season 8

One thing that's easy to overlook about the Reagan family is just how funny they can all be on "Blue Bloods." They usually don't have opportunities to showcase that humor because they're all so often in the midst of serious cases. Whether Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) takes to the streets to track down a perp or Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is too busy working on a case in her office, the Reagans often have their hands full. They have other things on their minds than trying to figure out what zinger they can offer next. But between all the seriousness of their jobs, it's important to cut loose every now and then.

While jokes tend to be few and far between on "Blue Bloods," they offer a welcome respite for fans who could breathe a little easier throughout the proceedings. Season 8 has no shortage of these lighter moments, but arguably the best one comes from none other than Erin, who has a little fun at Anthony's (Steve Schirripa) expense.

Erin Reagan pokes fun at Anthony

Erin and Anthony have a good rapport with one another. They've worked together on numerous cases throughout the show, and as a result, they don't mind busting each other's chops from time to time. Season 8 has the best example of this in Episode 20, "Your Six." At the start of the scene, Anthony explains how he wound up in a car accident while heading to work. He describes the incident like this, "And now it's smashed because some jerk was too busy playing kissy-poo with some tomatah." 

Anthony's known for his colorful, Brooklyn-stylized dialect throughout the show, and this time, Erin just can't help herself. After Anthony explains precisely what he meant, Erin responds, "I left my English-to-Brooklyn dictionary at home." By Season 8, fans of the show are all too familiar with the way Anthony talks, so it's a welcome treat to see Erin have a little fun at his expense. 

Of course, the real reason Erin's in such a good mood is that she's being courted by her ex, Jack (Peter Hermann). It's a fact Anthony learns shortly after the exchange, and it's enough to put a smile on his face, too.