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The Biggest Mistake Dr. Lewis Ever Made On Criminal Minds

"Criminal Minds" is a network crime drama that aired on CBS from 2005 to 2020. There were 15 seasons in total, as the show covered a diverse range of crimes and featured some very interesting characters. Even though it hasn't aired a new episode since 2020, with Season 16 still in the works (via Deadline), the official Twitter account of the show still has over 1.6 million followers. Its official Facebook page has over 13 million followers, further showcasing the show's immense popularity. 

Many different characters have come and gone over the years, including ones played by veteran actors like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Patinkin, and Shemar Moore. But when Aisha Tyler joined the cast in 2015, fans fell in love with her character, Dr. Tara Lewis. One of the more compelling aspects of her character — and any fictional character, really — is how she's capable of making mistakes just as much as any normal person is. And there's one particular episode during her time on the show where she makes such a big mistake that it nearly puts her in hot water. 

She let a truther get under her skin and almost lost a case

In Season 13, Episode 9, titled "False Flag," Dr. Lewis and the BAU go up against a murderer hiding within a group of "Truthers" who believe in some of the wildest conspiracy theories. As the episode unravels, the team finds out that it was a crime of passion where a young woman (played by the fantastically talented Zelda Williams) murders her lover in cold blood and frames her boyfriend to escape the consequences of her actions. But the BAU team eventually thwarts her in the end, despite Dr. Lewis' behavior.

In the episode, viewers see Lewis get very emotional after a tense interview with the guilty suspect, to the point that local law enforcement starts to question the FBI's competence. The thing that really tips Lewis over the edge is when the suspect talks at length about the Sandy Hook school shooting being staged by the government — an event that Lewis is personally connected to. She becomes so angry and desperate to convict the suspect that she is chomping at the bit to take the case to the DA based on flimsy evidence and unproven theories. However, her team comes through in the end, finding the evidence necessary for a solid conviction before Lewis takes rash action.

Some fans agreed that this was Lewis' biggest mistake, as seen in this Reddit post discussing the episode. SeizerOfThoughtseize called it "Tara's wake up call episode" because she had to "answer to herself and her team."