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The Biggest Mistake Sean Ever Made On Blue Bloods

Most members of the Reagan family on "Blue Bloods" have intense jobs. They're on the streets preventing crime from happening or working at the D.A.'s office prosecuting criminals. Suffice to say, there's a lot on the line and not a ton of room for error. At most jobs, a simple mistake can be rectified, but in this instance, it can be a matter of life and death.

The stakes are also high when it comes to the Reagans not working in law enforcement. Sean Reagan (Andrew Terraciano) has appeared consistently in the series since the pilot episode. He's the youngest of Danny's (Donnie Wahlberg) kids and takes after his father in more ways than one. He's not afraid to let his opinion known, even if close family is around. 

Unfortunately, he also happens to take after his older brother, Jack (Tony Terraciano). One of the worst things Jack ever did was engage in underage drinking, and Sean followed in his footsteps.

Sean was caught cutting class and drinking alcohol

In Season 9 of "Blue Bloods," Jack's heading off to college, and whether he knows it or not, Sean doesn't take the change well. He begins acting out, and in the episode "Thicker Than Water," his soon-to-be aunt Eddie (Vanessa Ray) receives a phone call from one of her peers. Sean's just been caught with some buddies with a 12-pack of beer ditching class. Sean's using his NYPD courtesy card to get out of the jam, and Eddie soon races over to get him out of trouble so that the rest of the family doesn't find out.

Eddie promises not to tell Sean's father, but he soon finds out on his own. It's at this point the audience learns that Sean's grades have also slipped as of late, and he got into a fight at school. It quickly becomes a significant point of contention within the Reagan family, particularly between Danny and Jamie (Will Estes). Jamie even tries to smooth things over by offering a possible explanation into the behavior, but Danny doesn't want to hear it. 

The Reagan children are held to higher standards than other kids. That last name has become synonymous with the law, so when Sean starts cutting class and drinking beer, it causes problems. Jamie suggests that Sean's doing all of this to become a problem-child so that his brother, Jack, sticks around instead of going to college. In the end, Sean just needed a healthier way to let his frustrations known.