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The Intense Jurassic Park Scene That Makes No Sense

When it comes to the Steven Spielberg classic that details a first-time visit to a theme park with real dinosaurs in it, logistics and the voice of reason in "Jurassic Park" sort of go out the window. Besides the prospect of opening such an attraction being filed in the "absolutely not" box, there are some moments in the groundbreaking sci-fi film that still, even after 29 years, just don't make sense — like eye-rolling instances that leave fans either scratching their heads or yelling at the screen.

While it may be deemed one of the greatest films ever made, some hiccups remain present amidst the chaos. Stand-out instances include the frustrating choice of believing a public restroom is safe enough to evade a T-Rex on the rampage, or somehow thinking that waving a flashlight in the air like you just don't care isn't going to get some attention.

However, one major problem appears in the film's final act, involving a door, a Velociraptor, and a grandson who doesn't know how to make himself useful.

Time-waster Tim could've helped out with the Velociraptors

Picture the scene. You've got your back against the door, with one of history's most lethal predators knocking on the other side. You've got a gun to take it out, but it's about (and we're just eyeballing here) a foot out of reach. If only there were a plucky, young whippersnapper to lend a hand and pass it over to you to fend off the ferocious attacker. If only...

As it turns out, that just wouldn't help the tension-scale that Steven Spielberg is sending through the roof as Lex (Ariana Richards) tries to get the park back online ("I know this"). Instead, her dino-loving little brother Tim (Joseph Mazzello) is hanging on the back of her chair to see how she's doing, and not really reading the room — or the grown-ups fighting for their lives nearby.

Okay, so kids shouldn't really be anywhere near guns — but they also shouldn't be within reach of a deadly hunter that sounds like an aroused tortoise and runs like a cheetah. In the list of mosquito-sized issues in this masterpiece, this gripe finds a way.