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One Of The Best Batman Scenes Ever According To Fans

A joint effort by the creative duo of Bob Kane and Bill Finger (though the latter historically hasn't and still doesn't receive nearly as much credit as he should), Batman is among the most recognizable and popular superheroes in the world. Whether he's saving countless civilians from the Joker's latest plot or booting up his backup personality from the planet Zur-En-Arrh, the Caped Crusader is endlessly entertaining and continues to captivate comic book readers around the world. Not to mention, he's also quite a hit in other forms of media.

After conquering the pages of DC Comics, Batman has made the jump to screens big and small on many occasions and in many formats. Names like Michael Keaton and Robert Pattinson have brought him to life in live-action, Kevin Conroy has voiced him in numerous animated projects, and Rocksteady Studios even made him a video game icon via the "Batman: Arkham" series. Each adaptation has had the chance to put its own unique spin on the character and his world too. Although, one could argue that some elements of his personality should never be meddled with.

As far as maintaining the core of Batman goes, according to fans, one particular scene from a beloved piece of DC media absolutely gets it right.

Batman's meeting with Ace perfectly encapsulates the core of his character

In the second season of "Justice League Unlimited," specifically the episode titled "Epilogue," powerful metahuman Ace (Hynden Walch) has warped reality to an extreme extent. Thus, according to Amanda Waller (C.C.H. Pounder), she could suffer a lethal aneurysm at any moment, which would cause a horrific number of casualties. She then gives Batman (Conroy) a device to safely kill her, but he elects not to use it. Instead, he sits down to talk with Ace before she dies, helps her unpack her childhood trauma, and convinces her to put everything back as it was.

Batman's words ultimately get through to Ace, and she does as she wishes, quietly passing away mere moments later. In the eyes of Reddit user themolotovginger and many who responded to their post about the scene, this is the quintessential Batman moment. "He cares about them [his villains] as much as he cares about the people he saves. That's why they get sent to an asylum. To be cured so they won't hurt anymore. Batman looks tough, but he's the biggest softie of them all," wrote Jagokoz, perfectly encapsulating why Batman's chat with Ace is so important to his character.

Talking about the clear love for the Dark Knight of the comics poured into this moment, naigung adds, "You can only pull off episodes like this with decades of love and support behind you." A deleted Redditor replied, "Chokes me up every time," and user trebaron summed up why this sensation was so strong: "Having supporting characters that are able to show a different side to them can be so overwhelmingly powerful and add a lot of depth." Yes, Batman can be a rough and tough vigilante, but when you put him in the right scenario with the right person, it's refreshing seeing him as a caring hero.

Batman has been many things over the years — some good, some bad, and some in-between. However, when it comes down to brass tacks, according to a good chunk of the DC fandom, he's at his best when he reminds us that he's a human being.