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How To Reset Your Stats In Elden Ring

One of the most unique things about "Elden Ring" (and most From Software games for that matter) is the overwhelming amount of variety between player builds. The sheer amount of different weapons, spells, stats, and abilities in the game mean that players can create just about any kind of character they can imagine. Become a poisoner who specializes in throwing knives and a venomous spear, or a lightning-infused god of thunder, or a mage who calls upon the power of ancient dragons,  or any one of the thousands of possible builds you can imagine. Anything and everything is on the table in "Elden Ring," especially since the game allows you to change your stats whenever you'd like.

Returning from previous From Software titles such as "Dark Souls 2" and "Dark Souls 3," the ability to alter or "respec" your stats is essential for those who wish to experiment across a wide variety of different playstyles. Considering just how much of "Elden Ring" is focused on exploration and experimentation, trying out different stat distributions and weapon combos seems like something that every "Elden Ring" player ought to do at least once — and thankfully, the process for stat adjustment is relatively simple.

Players can use Larval Tears to reset their stats with Rennala

Players will unlock the ability to respec their stats after defeating Rennala, queen of the Full Moon, the main boss in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. After defeating her, you can return to her boss room at any time, wherein Rennala (who is now non-hostile to the player) will offer to help your character undergo "Rebirth." Selecting the Rebirth option in her dialogue will allow the player to completely change their character's stats. You can undergo Rebirth as many times as you like, though each time you will have to trade Rennala a rare item called a Larval Tear.

Larval Tears are exceptionally hard to come by in "Elden Ring," and are often found as loot at the end of difficult areas, or being sold by hard-to-reach merchants. The most reliable way to find Larval Tears is to hunt down the Mimic enemies hidden throughout the world. These enemies will first appear as a weak creature, and change into a more ferocious enemy once you start attacking. One of the most notable examples is an undead soldier found early on in Limgrave, who will turn into a massive bear the moment you try to fight him. That said, as long as you have a steady supply of Larval Tears you can reset your stats as frequently as you like, allowing the player to try out any sort of build they could possibly imagine.