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Elden Ring: How Remembrance Duplication Really Works

Those who are deeper into "Elden Ring" will know by now that Remembrances are used to acquire weapons and powers from the game's more prominent bosses. Specific bosses throughout the game will drop a Remembrance upon defeat, which players can then trade to Finger Reader Enia (who sits beside the Two Fingers in Roundtable Hold) to acquire that bosses' signature armament or ability.

A similar system appeared in previous FromSoftware titles, specifically seen in the use of Boss Souls in the "Dark Souls" series, which could likewise be traded for a defeated boss' weapons and spells. In those cases, there were often several different rewards for trading a Boss Soul, which meant that players would have to complete several New Game Plus cycles if they wanted to collect multiple rewards from the same boss. Fortunately, "Elden Ring" allows players to duplicate these Remembrances, meaning that players can get all rewards from a boss without all the extra legwork needed in the previous games. Here's how this process works.

Players can duplicate Remembrances at Walking Mausoleums

The first step in Remembrance duplication is locating a Walking Mausoleum, one of the massive buildings with stone legs that wander around specific areas, swinging about an enormous bell to let players know exactly where they are. Players will have to attack small patches of skulls that have grown around the Mausoleum like some kind of disease, which are found either on the very top of the Mausoleum or on its legs. Doing so will cause the Mausoleum to fall to its knees, at which point the player can enter the building and duplicate one of their Remembrances inside.

Players can only duplicate a single Remembrance per Walking Mausoleum, but if they would like to duplicate another (or duplicate the same Remembrance more than once), they can always track down another Mausoleum elsewhere. Indeed, it appears that you can duplicate the same Remembrance multiple times at separate Mausoleums, though the rewards themselves can only be acquired once. 

For example, by duplicating the "Remembrance of the Grafted," you can acquire both the Axe of Godrick and the Grafted Dragon, but the game won't allow you to get two Axes, nor two Grafted Dragons. This news will no doubt be disappointing for players who wish to duel-wield some of the more impressive boss weapons the game has to offer, but the Remembrance duplication system is still one of the better additions that FromSoftware has made to the gameplay loop in "Elden Ring."