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How Old Is Alfred In The Batman?

There's no question that Alfred Pennyworth is an essential part of any good "Batman" story, since he really is the closest thing that Bruce Wayne has to family. Alfred is more than just Bruce's butler; he is his confidant, his closest friend, and (in many ways) his only real sort of moral compass. He makes regular appearances in multiple "Batman" film adaptations, and is often seen trying to protect Bruce from the darker side of his Batman persona. He is almost like a father figure to Bruce in that regard — encouraging the man he raised to think of himself first, and not throw his life away for the sake of justice.

The latest live-action incarnation of Alfred (who features heavily in Matt Reeves' "The Batman") is played by Andy Serkis. This version of Alfred has still not accepted Bruce's vigilantism, and the two are barely even speaking to each other when the film begins. Perhaps this cold disposition toward Bruce is the result of this Alfred being much younger than previous iterations of the character — though, admittedly, it is unclear how old he actually is.

Alfred in The Batman is relatively young and surprisingly hot-headed

We do know that this version of Bruce Wayne is around 30, and is relatively new to this whole crime-fighting gig. Since "The Batman" takes place so early in Wayne's career as Gotham's caped crusader, it seems reasonable to assume that Serkis' Alfred Pennyworth is also younger than prior iterations of the character. We don't get a clear answer as to how old he actually is, but considering the fact that Serkis himself is only 57, we can assume that Alfred in the film is just around that age.

What the film does make clear is that this version of Alfred still has some youthful vigor in him. Serkis' Alfred seems much more like a bodyguard for the Wayne family than the doting butler we've become accustomed to from past "Batman" flicks (via The Hollywood Reporter). He is a war veteran who sports facial scars and a cane, and one who has clearly lived a very dangerous, very eventful life before he became Bruce's caretaker. 

While we're unsure of exactly how old this version of Alfred is, it's clear he is supposed to be much younger than the elderly, more reserved versions of Alfred we've gotten to know over the years — a change that makes his relationship with Bruce Wayne all the more interesting.