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Game Of Thrones Director Teases Jon And Dany Romance

Contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7, episode 4

Say it ain't Snow!

If you watched "The Spoils of War," you undoubtedly picked up on the sparks flying between Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in the caves beneath Dragonstone. As Jon showed Dany the ancient drawings made by the Children of the Forest (the non-human inhabitants of Westeros before the First Men), he seemed to convince her that the White Walkers are real. She took a step that seemed well within kissing range and although nothing happened, that was one giant step for both of them.

Matt Shakman, the director of the episode, hinted to IGN that there's something stirring inside the pair. "I think there is a lot of subtle chemistry happening there between the two of them, and even just Daenerys taking that tiny step forward to Jon before she asks him to bend the knee," he said. "There's a lot of tension in that that I think comes from just two great actors in that darker, more intimate location."

When asked if it was romance or respect growing between Jon and Dany, Shakman had this to say: "I think both. I think there absolutely is a political storyline that's really important, which is Jon desperately trying to convince Daenerys and everyone else that the threat that is more important than who is fighting for the Iron Throne is the fight for humanity, and that this real, dangerous force is heading for them all. That's his biggest concern. Daenerys, of course, as she loses allies, is trying to gain one in the King of the North, so there's very much a political dialogue happening in the scene. But it's also undeniable that there's something happening between them personally, as well."

This is all tricky business, of course. As we learned in the season 6 finale, Dany is actually Jon's aunt and related by blood, although neither of them know it. While incestuous relationships are nothing new in Westeros, we have a feeling that neither Jon nor Dany would be cool with it. 

Dany is on the hunt for a husband who can help consolidate her absolute power, and you've got to think that Jon would make a suitable candidate in her eyes. It would bring unity with the North. And it seems clear that the showrunners want to plant the seeds of possibility. Davos (Liam Cunningham) remarked that he noticed Jon giving Dany a good look. 

One thing is for sure: there's not much time for this romance to get off the ground. There are only three more episodes left in season 7 before the final season brings closure to the story, but as we've already seen, the action is moving at breakneck speed. We should probably expect even more tension between the two in the coming weeks. 

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