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What Are The Walking Mausoleums In Elden Ring?

"Elden Ring" has done incredibly well in its first few weeks, with sales numbers far surpassing those of any prior "Souls" game. Part of the reason players can't get enough of "Elden Ring" is its endless opportunities for exploration, including many hidden areas and other secret side quests to keep fans on their toes.

Though the director of "Elden Ring" has apologized to fans who find the game insurmountably difficult, the game's unique set of intricacies is here to stay. "Elden Ring" is difficult in a different way than previous "Souls" games, but by the same token, it provides players more tools to succeed, like options for stealth maneuvering and battle on horseback.

Sometimes, an opportunity to get ahead in "Elden Ring" just might saunter by players who don't know what they're looking for. Namely, the Walking Mausoleums who make appearances at various points in the game are a can't-miss opportunity for players to double some of their hard-earned rewards. Doing so is actually fairly easy by "Elden Ring" standards – it just takes a few steps.

Duplicate Remembrances with Walking Mausoleums

Towering above the treetops, Walking Mausoleums are exactly what their name describes: massive mausoleums sitting on a chunk of land supported by four legs of stone and skull. Some have a bell, which makes finding them easier, and it also indicates a greater pool of rewards. Taking down a Walking Mausoleum's legs by chipping away at patches of bone will allow a player to eventually enter it. Upon doing so, they'll find the opportunity to approach a corpse and duplicate one Remembrance one time.

Though taking advantage of the Walking Mausoleums is by far one of the easiest things gamers will do in "Elden Ring," there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Players are advised to conquer the roaming burial sites on horseback, as one step from the entity could easily lead to a crushing death (via TheLoadout and GameRant). Focusing on chipping away a little at each leg is a strong strategy, as long as proper positioning is established to avoid being underfoot when the legs give out and the mausoleum hits the ground.

Duplicating Remembrances is a huge advantage, since it gives players control over upgrades to weapons, spells, and more. For this reason, players may be wise to wait to use a Walking Mausoleum until they're sure they know what Remembrance will be most worth duplicating for long-term success. By using this strategy, players will be well on their way to "Elden Ring" success – much more than they would be buying runes off eBay.