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Fans React To This Brutally Honest Breaking Bad Elden Ring Parody

"Elden Ring" has made waves among video game fans since its release in February. The game, which featured "A Song Of Ice And Fire" author George R. R. Martin as a consultant (via PC Gamer), focuses on the Tarnished, an exiled character who is asked to return to the Lands Between to find the various pieces of the Elden Ring in order to make it whole again. 

Recently, Twitter user @DolanDark mashed up the video game with the popular AMC series "Breaking Bad," which is (of course) centered around a high school chemistry teacher in New Mexico named Walter White (Bryan Cranston) who becomes a drug dealer to pay for cancer treatments, leading to a downward spiral of increasingly evil decisions

The video, which the creator called "The average 'Elden Ring' experience," puts White into the game, beginning with him being told "Unfortunately for you, however, you are maidenless." This causes White to fall to the ground in shock, before beginning the journey with a vengeance, riding an animal and giving the middle finger to a larger NPC, who promptly attacks him. Walter proceeds to react to various events, winking at an NPC who asks to hold him, firing an angry retort at another character who says "someone must extinguish thy flame," and forcefully trying to break down a magical barrier.

Fans of both "Breaking Bad" and "Elden Ring" reacted to the video on Twitter in a variety of ways, though most found the video positive and entertaining. 

Twitter users praised various elements of the video

In the replies to the video on Twitter, many added their own mashups, with @SmearyPlum replying with an image from "Breaking Bad" of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) tearfully yelling "He can't keep getting away with it," with the caption "Godrick slaying me with 1/8th health for the third hour today." User @ScottSwift19, on the other hand, opted to insert Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) from the "Naked Gun" franchise into the game, having him shoot continually while picking up a coin from the floor labeled "My lost runes," which he pockets.

Others praised the work that had gone into the mashup, with @StabilizeYT declaring "Ok this is hilarious but also SO WELL MADE??" Others agreed with this statement, while contrastingly, @spooddemand gently skewered the video, pointing out a moment where White appears to be driving an animal by saying "Nice driving there... No holding the rope just 360 air wave." While they made a good point, overall, many praised the effort and skill that went into a hilarious video, likely made purely for fun.

Taking the joke even further, user @xMayfew quote tweeted the video with the added comment "'Breaking Bad' Season 6 is looking amazing," while @AntLive_SOAFB simply said, "Cinematic masterpiece" when retweeting it. User @JP_Rodriguez20 confirmed the video's accuracy of portraying the "Elden Ring" player experience, saying "Quite literally my experience so far." Thanks to this video, we now know that there are a surprising amount of shared fans between both "Breaking Bad" and "Elden Ring."