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The Boys Presents: Diabolical Episode 2 Scene That Made No Sense

Contains spoilers for "The Boys Presents: Diabolical," Episode 2, "An Animated Short Where P****d-Off Supes Kill Their Parents."

Amid the blood, gore, and humor that's darker than the Black Noir's wardrobe in "The Boys: Diabolical," there's one short story that's so out there, you'll wonder if you've accidentally tuned into inter-dimensional cable as your watching it. It's a perfectly understandable reaction, given that it comes from the mind of Justin Roiland, co-creator of the beloved animated series "Rick and Morty." He apparently stopped by "Diabolical" to add a hefty dose of weird to the universe of Amazon's "The Boys" via one short about super-powered misfits.

As great as "An Animated Short Where P****d-Off Supes Kill Their Parents" is, though, there's one moment that just doesn't quite land. Instead, it just keeps going and going and, unsurprisingly, slows things down in what is otherwise one of the highlights of the series. Such is the risk you take when you try to play around with the antithesis of a speedster, and his desperately slow mission of vengeance.

Introduced early on in the short, Mo-Slo is a guy who moves and speaks at a pace only the sloths from "Zootopia" would be able to tolerate. He fits in great with the other oddly super-powered pack of outcasts, but his moment to get revenge on the parents that abandoned him is a joke that just doesn't work.

Mo-Slo's too much in one of Diabolical's best episodes

Animated shows like "Family Guy" and indeed, "Rick and Morty," often dare to go for a gag that drags out so long, it does a full lap and goes back to being funny again (see Peter Griffin wincing from falling over, for example). With that said, the idea of a character that lives in slow-motion going after his father could be pretty funny, if it weren't for his victim reacting in a totally illogical way.

Voiced by Kenan Thompson of "SNL" fame, Mo-Slo's dad is baffled at first as to what's happening, until his son gradually begins to tighten the grip around his neck. That said, after he does figure out that this is no loving embrace, why on Earth doesn't he do something to stop it? Mo-Slo's grip must also increase in tension incrementally at a drastically slowed rate. It's unthinkable that Mo-Slo's dad wouldn't realize this in time to slip the grip. 

We loved Episode 2 of "Diabolical," but this one moment almost broke the spell.