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The Worst Episode Of NCIS: New Orleans According To IMDb

For seven seasons, "NCIS: New Orleans" followed the fictional Naval Criminal Investigative Service stationed in Louisiana. Led by Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride (Scott Bakula), the team handles crimes that involve members of the United States Marine Corps and Navy. From disappearances to domestic terrorist attacks, the unit has seen it all in thrilling fashion, as the series enjoyed consistently high quality across its run. 

Plenty of critics and casual viewers alike praised the show while it still aired new episodes. Verne Gay of Newsday wrote about the spinoff, "Bakula, [CCH] Pounder — as usual — make the medicine go down easily." Likewise, Ellen Gray of Philadelphia Daily News had this to say, "The formula remains solid: A colorful, supportive work family solves mysteries with technological savvy and a dash of humor."

However, few shows manage to maintain the same level of praise throughout their runs, especially when they last for seven seasons. There's always bound to be at least a couple of stinkers, and according to IMDb, one episode remains firmly planted at the bottom of the barrel.

We All Fall... is the lowest rated NCIS: New Orleans episode

Based on IMDb ratings, Season 7 saw a dip in quality for "NCIS: New Orleans." Throughout the show, you couldn't really find an episode that dips below 7.0/10. However, several installments fall below that benchmark with the final season, with the lowest of the bunch being Season 7, Episode 4, "We All Fall..."

Out of 196 votes as of this writing, the episode currently stands at 6.6/10. It seems to be a trend of the final season to contain some of the lowest-rated episodes of the show's run, with "One of Our Own" and "Operation Drano, Part 1" both having ratings of 6.7/10.

As far as "We All Fall...," the contention seems to come from the plotlines getting a little stale. One reviewer on IMDb wrote, "Pride constantly being thrust into storylines involving him taking down corrupt people in positions of authorities has grown very stale, and logically nonsensical as his reputation gradually stopped preceding him and warning others off of trying to outdo him."

With that being said, a 6.6/10 isn't necessarily all that bad. It could've been a lot worse, and it just goes to show the immense quality the series maintained across most of its run.