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The Surprising Role Alex Lagina Has On Curse Of Oak Island

History's "The Curse of Oak Island" is one of the channel's most popular exports. Set on a remote island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, the long-running reality series chronicles the exploits of a group of explorers who go above and beyond in search of the ancient treasure and rare artifacts that are said to be hidden on the titular island. Not every expedition has been successful for the gang, but every once in a while, the explorers dig up something of value. Furthermore, some of the crew's discoveries have been credited as historically significant, and knowledge can be just as valuable as gems and runestones.

The Lagina family members are the faces of "The Curse of Oak Island," but their roles extend beyond that of on-screen hosts and expeditioners. Alex Lagina, who's been involved with the show since 2014, wears a couple of hats on the reality series, as well as its spin-offs, "The Curse of Civil War Gold" and "The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down." His behind-the-scenes work might not be as glamorous as his role on the screen, but it still deserves some recognition.

Alex Lagina has a behind-the-scenes role on The Curse of Oak Island

Alex Lagina is mostly known for discussing theories and doing on-site work on "The Curse of Oak Island" and its two spin-off series. However, he also works as an associate producer on "The Curse of Oak Island" and "The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down."

Alex is only listed as a producer for 47 of the 157 episodes of "The Curse of Oak Island" at the time of this writing, even though he's appeared in over 100 episodes. Still, while his producing credits date all the way back to 2015, he appears to have become more hands-on with the show in recent times. 39 of those 47 episodes have aired in the last two years. Alex's role as a producer on "The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down" isn't as frequent — IMDb only lists one episode at the moment. However, it's worth noting that he's only appeared in 14 episodes of that show in total.

Elsewhere, Alex is listed as a member of Oak Island Tours Inc. — the tourism company owned and operated by the Laginas and investors who boast similar interests.