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The Funniest Moment In Blue Bloods Season 6

People don't necessarily watch "Blue Bloods" for the laughs, but when the Reagan family finally receives a chance to cut loose, it's always a welcome sight.

The Reagans all treat their jobs in law enforcement seriously. They're all consummate professionals who have no problem putting their own lives on the line for the health and safety of their fellow New Yorkers. Suffice to say, it's hard to come up with witty one-liners when you're dealing with thieves and killers all day. However, the team has done a decent job at honing their senses of gallows humor, allowing both the characters and the audiences watching at home to breathe a little easier throughout whatever the case of the day winds up being. 

Each season of the procedural has its standout hilarious moments, such as Season 4 when Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) has some issues getting breakfast together. Season 6 has its fair share of humorous moments, too, including one that's hard not to have a smile on your face while watching it.

Danny's bogus call is hilarious to witness

Danny and his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), have their work cut out for them in Season 6's "All the News That's Fit to Click." They're on the hunt for a suspect they believe shot a reporter dressed in New York Police Department gear. They think the guy has a vendetta against police officers, so they need to apprehend him before he tries to take out another one of their acquaintances. To do so, Danny has an elaborate and amusing plan to lure him out in the open. 

Maria mentions how they don't have an address on the guy. They only have a phone number, so Danny calls it to tell the guy that he's the "winner" of a New York Mets luxury suite box. All he has to do to collect his prize is meet a man by the name of Richard Mollo at the box office between set times. It's a sly plan, especially seeing how Danny comes up with the lie on the fly. And to everyone's surprise, it actually works. It probably shouldn't come as too shocking of a development, seeing how criminals tend to be a greedy lot.

Not only is it a funny yarn to spin, but it also shines a light on Danny's personality. He's so experienced in this line of work he knows precisely what to say to get the suspect out in the open for them to make a move. Danny exhibits his intelligence and sense of humor all in a single scene, making the episode one of the more memorable ones in Season 6.