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TWD's Lynn Collins Confirms What We Suspected About Leah's Potential Return

All good things must come to an end eventually, and that also applies to "The Walking Dead." The AMC series has been bringing zombie-laden, post-apocalyptic carnage to screens for 12 years now, but the 11th season of the hit horror drama will be the last. Of course, it's not really goodbye, as AMC already has some spinoff sagas in the works that will hopefully lead to more long-term success for the franchise. That being said, expect some finality to the main narrative arc in this season.

Many characters have come and gone from "The Walking Dead" throughout the years. If the creators of the upcoming spinoffs adopt this approach, it's highly likely that some blasts from the past will make their triumphant return to the universe one day. At the same time, the current season isn't over yet, so the door is open for seemingly departed characters to make a comeback before the finale's end credits roll. But will Leah, played by Lynn Collins, be one of them?

Will Leah return to The Walking Dead?

Leah has been an antagonistic presence for our heroes since she first appeared in "The Walking Dead." As such, there are probably many fans of the series that want to see the Reapers' ex-leader, and Daryl's (Norman Reedus) former love, get her comeuppance. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) tried to take her out of the game in "No Other Way," but the bullet didn't put a permanent stop to Leah by any means. Therefore, we can only assume that she will have unfinished business with Maggie and the gang at a later date.

Now fans are wondering if Leah will be back before the series concludes, but is it in the cards? Lynn Collins is optimistic about Leah's chances of survival, and she teased her reappearance in a recent interview with TV Insider. "I think it's a sure bet on this show that if your head's not cut off and you're not stabbed in your frontal lobe, you've got a shot [at returning]," Collins revealed.

The Reapers are out of commission now, so Leah will need to forge bonds with fresh allies moving forward. However, it's worth noting that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) also ventured off on his own in the same episode. Perhaps he'll encounter Leah on his travels and they'll form some kind of alliance?