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Everything New In Pokemon Legends: Arceus' Daybreak Update

2022's Pokemon Day brought with it a lot of surprising reveals, between the exciting announcement of "Pokemon Scarlet" and "Violet" and new content updates for many active "Pokemon" games, including the critically-acclaimed "Pokemon Legends: Arceus." As of the morning February 27, "Arceus" received a 1.1 update called "Daybreak," which was released in tandem with the "Pokemon Presents" livestream on Pokemon Day.

Even before the "Daybreak" update, Game Freak has been working on making smaller fixes to "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" in the month following the game's launch. Cherrim was nerfed after a glitch was discovered that caused the Pokemon to be uncatchable (on top of it being extremely difficult to find).

As explained in a press release from The Pokemon Company, the "Daybreak" update offers a few new things for fans to enjoy if they've already managed to complete the game's story. Players can also claim 90 free Poke Balls to celebrate the update, which will certainly come in handy for the new content.

Mass outbreaks and new battles

While mass outbreaks have been a part of "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" since the game was released, players have been asked to investigate reports of "mysterious mass outbreaks" across the region as part of the "Daybreak" update, according to the press release for Pokemon Day. In the Pokemon Presents livestream, it was revealed these mass outbreaks sometimes included hordes of Alpha Pokemon, which means players can look forward to some seriously intense battles.

Additionally, the Training Grounds area of the game has been updated with more friendly battles to participate in. The press release also touched on the fact that players have been given the chance to encounter more Legendary Pokemon and even battle wardens — the guardians of the game's "noble Pokemon" — if they're up for a more difficult challenge.

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus" is already a beloved entry in the franchise, but these new additions to the game add just a bit more endgame content and incentives for players to keep exploring. There could be many more significant updates down the line for the legendary "Pokemon" title, if the "Daybreak" update is any indication.