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Dave Bautista Working On New Comic Book Movie Eternal Warrior

Dave Bautista might step into an entirely new comic book universe.

The actor who plays Drax in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy franchise recently teased on Twitter that he's working on a movie about a central character in Valiant's comic book mythology: Eternal Warrior.

Responding to a fan question, Bautista said he's "really excited" about Eternal Warrior, adding, "We are currently working to get the script fan-worthy and then we'll be full on from there."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Valiant didn't comment on an Eternal Warrior movie in development, but sources said the film would probably be related to the Archer & Armstrong movie currently in the works. In the comics, Armstrong is the brother of the Eternal Warrior (otherwise known as Gilad Anni-Padda). The characters have a third brother: Timewalker's Ivar Anni-Padda.

The Eternal Warrior was resurrected by a mysterious artifact after dying in battle. Gilad becomes immortal (well, he can be killed, but he always comes back) and he becomes a defender of the Geomancer, a being that the planet chose to be its champion. 

If the movie comes to fruition, it would be another big move to the big screen for Valiant. In addition to the Archer & Armstrong movie, Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserier is writing scripts for Harbinger and Bloodshot films. Jared Leto is reportedly in talks for the latter.

We'll let you know as soon as we hear more. Until then, find out how Bautista went from a WWE wrestler to Drax the Destroyer.