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What Fans Say Is The Worst Arc In Hunter X Hunter

The beloved anime series "Hunter x Hunter" may not boast the incredible episode numbers of other acclaimed shows like "One Piece" or "Bleach," but what the show lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. The show follows a boy named Gon Freecss, who wants to become a "Hunter" in order to find his missing father, whom he had thought was dead for most of his life before discovering that he was actually alive and is a Hunter himself. A Hunter is a person who has been deemed an elite member of society after passing the rigorous Hunter Exam, and (following said exam), is granted a license to go do practically anything they'd like, anywhere in the world (via Hunterpedia).

The 2011 anime series is a reboot of the 1999 show of the same name and aired for just three years before going on indefinite hiatus in 2014. Despite its relatively short run, the series still managed to churn out 146 total episodes before the hiatus, as well as several fully completed story arcs. Almost all of these arcs have been incredibly well-received by fans over the years, with the notable exception of one storyline that nearly every fan agrees is the worst arc the series has ever produced — despite the fact that it's not technically a real arc at all.

Fans say the Zoldyck Family Arc is the worst in the whole series

Fans have taken to the internet plenty of times in the years following the series' move to hiatus to discuss ranking the series' arcs from best to worse, and it seems like nearly everyone agrees that the Zoldyck Family Arc is easily the worst storyline the series has to offer. The Zoldyck Family Arc is an unofficial arc that follows the Hunter Exam arc and centers on Gon and his friends as they attempt to rescue Killua Zoldyck from his family of assassins. Many fans have a problem with the length of the arc, as the storyline only lasts for 4 episodes (via Hunterpedia). "It's not that I dislike this arc," wrote u/dne320 in a Reddit thread debating which arcs were the best in the series. "It's just, it was short. There was really no intense fight in this arc."

"It was so short that there just wasn't much to love or hate about it," agreed u/littlebirdgrish. "I remember being disappointed by it on first watch; I'd been hoping to see more of the Zoldycks, who (at the time) were the main reason I became interested in the show." Throughout that thread specifically, fans consistently ranked the Zoldyck Family Arc as their least favorite, but always clarified that it was due more to the arc's length than its actual content. The sheer number of fans who went out of their way to say they still liked the arc, despite ranking it last, ought to be a testament to how great the series is overall.