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The Most Upsetting Jamie Moment From Yellowstone Season 1

In 2018, "Yellowstone" first aired and introduced the world to a family of ranchers on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, the largest ranch in Montana. That life on a ranch proves to be troublesome as the owners repeatedly deal with issues from their close neighbors, a National Park, and Broken Rock Indian Reservation.

It isn't just outside sources that bring the drama to the series. The family and ranch hands bring their own dramatics to the table as well. Each character on the show adds a different personality that viewers can watch either mix or clash with the rest. For example, the character of Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) is the son of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the owner of the ranch and a tough-as-nails figure in the show. Throughout the series, Jamie has had a lot of moments of intensity, some harder to watch than others. In the first season, there's one episode that is worse than others, though, as it contains the most upsetting moment involving Jamie Dutton in all of Season 1.

Jamie and Beth's sibling rivalry goes too far

In Season 1, Episode 3, "No Good Horses," Jamie and his sister Beth (Kelly Reilly) take their angry and bitter sibling relationship to the next level when the anniversary of their mother's death cause tensions to rise. With their emotions at an all-time high, the two get into an aggressive argument, and Jamie proceeds to blame Beth for their mother's death. Beth reacts to this by repeatedly hitting Jamie in a tearful rage, calling him awful things, and yelling at him. Jamie's reaction to Beth's outburst isn't good, and in order to get her to stop, he hits her.

While it's more than apparent that the two siblings have a relationship that is far less than ideal, and viewers who have kept up with the series until recently know why, the physical confrontation between them is a hard-to-watch moment that takes place very early on in the series. As far as Season 1 goes, this is the most unsettling scene for Jamie in "Yellowstone."

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