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The Real Reason Free Guy 2 Isn't Happening Any Time Soon

The Ryan Reynolds-led action comedy film "Free Guy" was released in August 2021 to fairly positive reviews; at this time of writing, the film holds an 80% Tomatometer score and a 93% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Directed by Shawn Levy, "Free Guy" follows Guy (Reynolds), a bank teller who discovers that he is actually an NPC in a multiplayer online video game. After realizing the truth, Guy becomes determined to emerge from the background and save his friends from being deleted by the owner of the game.

Overall, critics appreciated the film's humor and acknowledged Reynolds as the fitting star for the role. The Boston Globe wrote in their review that "Reynolds is his usual two steps away from absolute insincerity. Where in other movies that can be maddening, here it lends a nice lift to his line readings." Meanwhile, MovieFreak's review of the feature declared, "While I'm no gamer, this is one breezily intoxicating expedition into the unknown I wish I could pick up a controller and play for myself, and that's a compliment." To further cement just how well the 20th Century Studios release went over with audiences, the film was successful financially, making $331.5 million at the worldwide box office (via Box Office Mojo).

With all that in mind, it came as no surprise when Reynolds tweeted a confirmation that Disney was definitely interested in a "Free Guy" sequel. With the entertaining and refreshingly original flick now available to stream on Disney+ and HBO Max (and thus, renewing interest in where the story goes next), fans are likely wondering when we can expect the follow-up film. Well, unfortunately, it may not happen for a while.

Reynolds and Levy are waiting for a 'worthy' Free Guy 2 story

Ryan Reynolds and "Free Guy" director Shawn Levy have teamed up once again for the upcoming movie "The Adam Project," which will premiere on Netflix on March 11. As part of the promotional tour for the time-traveling tale, Reynolds and Levy sat down for an interview with Collider, during which the conversation drifted toward "Free Guy" and the possibility of a sequel. The main takeaway from the conversation is that, while the collaborators are interested in a sequel, they don't want to rush into it. Instead, they want to wait until they have a really good story worth telling.

Levy said, "We loved 'Free Guy.' We were thrilled that 'Free Guy' was as successful as it was, and particularly as an original movie at a time where few get made — and even fewer are hits. So that was gratifying. And if we can crack that sequel, that's something that might be very fun to make together."

Levy elaborated that he has "gotten that phone call" (perhaps the same one that prompted Reynolds to tweet that there was interest back in August 2021) but that they want to wait for the right time and be as sure about the story as they were with "Free Guy." The director-producer continued, "We had such a clear idea of the tone, the story, the details of 'Free Guy,' and we both made a few sequels in our lives, and so we know how hard it is to make a worthy one. And when we feel confident that's the kind we'll make, then we'll make it."