The Most Heartbreaking Criminal Minds Episode From Season 5

"Criminal Minds" was one of the most successful police procedurals on television during its original run, airing from 2005 until 2020. In an impressive 324 episodes, the series follows the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit as they profile and track down serial killers and other dangerous criminals. The team boasts an elite skill set, including sophisticated psychological techniques, cunning detective acumen, and the ability to throw down whenever necessary. Let's hope the long-rumored revival on Paramount+ actually happens and gives the series a new lease on life.

Of course, "Criminal Minds" is also the type of detective drama that viewers should take with a pinch of salt. While many of the show's influences stem from real-life cases, it isn't an accurate portrayal of life in the FBI's actual B.A.U. Still, with its tales of death and despair — not to mention moments of elevated drama — "Criminal Minds" is a show that knows how to tug at the heartstrings of viewers. Furthermore, one Season 5 episode is notable for being a real tearjerker.

100 is the most depressing Season 5 episode of Criminal Minds

The 100th episode is a huge milestone for any series. However, the creators of "Criminal Minds" made sure their show's centenary was anything but celebratory. The aptly titled "100" sees Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) and the B.A.U. come up against the prolific serial killer George Foyet, aka "The Reaper" (C. Thomas Howell). But it all ends in tragedy when the mass murderer disposes of Hotchner's wife, Haley (Meredith Monroe).

Understandably, some "Criminal Minds" fans were shocked and heartbroken by the events that transpired in "100." Taking to Reddit to discuss the atrocities and their aftermath, u/Flinglehopper revealed that they had promised not to cry prior to the episode, but things didn't go according to plan. "Failed. Terribly," they wrote.

Redditor u/DWolf1207 said that they weren't a fan of Haley but couldn't hold back the tears when she died. Furthermore, some of the subsequent moments, including one with the couple's son, were equally as devastating: "Jack saying he 'worked the case [D]addy, just like you said' almost had me falling out of my chair."

The little boy's reaction had a similar effect on u/Nothingbetterontv, who still finds the scene difficult to watch. "To see little Jack hiding in the trunk 'working the case' makes me cry every time," they revealed.