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The Evil Dead II Scene Bruce Campbell Regrets Filming

Bruce Campbell, also referred to as "The Chin," is a legendary figure in the horror community. Campbell played the main protagonist of the "Evil Dead" franchise, Ash Williams, for four decades before hanging up his chainsaw and boomstick for good (via Collider).

However, the horror community's love for Ash won't be stopping anytime soon. The "Evil Dead" franchise has three films starring Campbell as Ash; a 2013 remake, "Evil Dead" starring Jane Levy and directed by Fede Álvarez, the television series "Ash vs. Evil Dead" that released in 2015; and even a blood-splattering theatrical event, "Evil Dead: The Musical," among many other additions to the iconic franchise.

You would think that the scenes that are an in-your-face gorefest would be a blast for Campbell. But, alas, not all is as it seems, and even Campbell had some trouble with a few of his bloodiest scenes as horror's favorite everyman. There was even a moment when working on a scene for "Evil Dead II" that Campbell began regretting his decision to film it.

It took weeks for Bruce Campbell to recover from the blood geyser in Evil Dead II

While filming "Evil Dead II," Bruce Campbell and director Sam Raimi didn't shy away from any chance they could get to add a blood bath or severed limb into a scene. In fact, in one particular scene, when Ash is on the hunt for his demonically possessed severed hand, he blasts a hole in the wall with his shotgun and has a slight sense of victory before the unthinkable happens.

A slow drizzle of bright red liquid quickly transforms into a whopping 55 gallons of gushing blood coming out of the wall and blasting Ash in the face with immense force. The scene had to be filmed with Campbell lying down as the fake Karo syrup blood doused him in the face.

Campbell describes in his book, "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor," the aftermath of filming that scene, writing "I lived to tell the tale, but every time I blew my nose for the next two weeks, the snot was bright red."

Filming the scene might have been a nightmare straight out of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis for Campbell, but fans of the movie are sure happy he went through with it, as it's now one of the best and bloodiest scenes in the franchise.